Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Yep, It's proven

I should not be allowed anywhere near my computer while sick.

Just got an email (I think by accident) with some anti-Kerry kinda message. You know the kind that I'd normally delete just looking at the header, only this time I didn't, since I thought it was some kind of spam and I wanted to see what was hiding behind it.

Anyway, silly me, I read it.
Basic stuff, supposedly funny joke about a cruise for all Kerry supporters who claimed they'd leave the US if Bush won, bla bla bla...

And of course, being sick, and thus not right in the head, I responded.
(basically insulting the US as Bush wants it, yes, I'm bad, I'm also sick as hell and am suffering from anything going from headache, throatache, to painfull ears and possibly, though I haven't checked it yet, a low fever.)

Now to see if this is gonna end me up with loads and loads of spam, hate mail, or you know the old reasonable silence which is annoying as hell, when you just sent out a flame*g*

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