Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,


James looks even prettier on my new flatscreen monitor.
And finally the text doesn't look as big anymore. (I was finally able to use the higher resolution, before it was stuck on 600x800)
Now just to find a way to make it less flashy, cause the light coming from it, might actually start hurting my eyes if I look at it long enough*g*

Happy happy happy.
Now to hope that the printer is just as satisfying when I install it tomorow.
(to tired to do it now, and not like I'll be needing it right away.

Free advertising,
for anyone in Belgium (hi Setje), Carrefour is having a promotion, Lexmark printers for only 50€.
What can I say, couldn't say no to it.

God do I love having a wide screen again.
Not to mention all the space on the desk I'm saving because I no longer have a normal tv kinda monitor.

(PS: yes the monitor was off too, only 249€, here ends my advertising for Carrefour)

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