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Grabbed this from Rahirah

Me: White, female, 26, Belgian, reader, het. Brown hair, blue-grey eyes, height no idea what so ever, weight too damn much. High school graduate and unemployed future horeca student. No boyfriend, two dogs, two brothers (one gay, one not), one sister (in a longterm relationship with an englishman), one mother (way too wild for my taste, is it that hard to just for once call if she's planning to be in after one in the night?). Devoted christian, lapsed catholic without the church going.

Real kinks: Sims, what that's kinky, controlling other people to the degree that that program allows;-) Fic kinks: Rape, torture, abuse, bondage... uhm I'm really quite nice in real life, honestly

OTP: Buffy/Spike, Spike/Angel. I read both slash and het, as long as the chars interest me... (which means mostly if Spike and/or Buffy are in it, though I'm pickier about who's good enough for Buffy)Basically I read almost anything that doesn't have Willow as a main char.

I can't stand RPF, it's boring and I prefer reading about special people. RPF tends to lack that.

I love Buffy.
I identify with her.
But I still think she was a bitch in season 6 and that she most definitely abused Spike and I really felt it was a pity that they never had her admit this to anyone who mattered. (sorry, but her telling a vamp she's about the stake right after does not count)
I've loved Spike since season five, fell in love with his need to love and have basically gone totally anti A/B since season seven... Angel's basically beneath Buffy and the sooner she realizes this the better.
Loved Xander, except from middle season 6 up to middle season 7, glad he got over it. Loved him for caring about Spike in Sleeper, made me like him again, loved him for the pat on the back in Lies my Parents Told Me, adored him for his support of Buffy in Dirty Girls and hurt for him when he lost his eye.
But I still think they should have gone for the top and killed Xander in Seeing Red instead of Tara.
It might have actually given NB a chance to act that's worthy of him. The man's talents were sorely wasted since season 6.
I hate Willow with a vengeance, don't mind Giles and love Dawn. Though I hated how they just ingored her bond with Spike which was the very thing that made me like her in the first place.

Diets were torture inflicted upon women, Methos and Duncan were meant for one another, but they always blinked out before we got to see it. Socialist, Bush hater, anti-war, pro-gun-control, anti death penalty(Won't bore you with it, but I did an essay on it back in college and basic thing is, the US is the only 'civilised' country that still performs death penalty. It's a punishment that is cruel and unusual, and that has never in all its existance served as a deterrant for crime), anti-Bush (thought I'd mention that twice), monarchist(lang leve Koning Albert).

And that's me. Sort of

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