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Title: The Watcher (1/1)

Title: The Watcher (1/1)
Author: Lore
Rating: PG13
Summary: Adam gets unnerved as he notices an oddly familiar blond stranger following Joan
Crossover: Angel/Joan of Arcadia
Notes: Sequel to the Arcadian Way
PS: for those unfamiliar with JoA, Adam always calls Joan Jane.

Adam first noticed something outside the school. There was a man standing under a tree, looking at them. No, not at them, at Jane. The guy wasn't really doing anything. Nothing to say like, hey that guy's dangerous, let's get out of here. But that look of his, at Jane, seeing someone so rapt up in her, it brought shivers tripping over his spine. It was the same kind of look he sometimes found in his own eyes, the one that said he was looking at an angel, or the closest thing to it on earth.
So he remembered.

The second time he felt someone watching her, Jane and him were at the park. They'd arrived alone, and about half an hour later Grace and Luke had shown up. Both pretending they hadn't come together. Adam had his suspicions, but he knew better than to ask. Grace would tell, when she felt ready. Right now though, she was pretending she was ignoring Luke and Luke was reading out about his report on nucleuses. Yet there was this tension between them, the same one that had been there since they kissed last year. Like a floodwave, waiting to be unleashed. Adam had been looking at the tree, checking out the light fall on the leaves when he noticed him again. Same white blond hair, same dark clothing. Seemingly uncomfortable as if he was missing something and never straying far from the shadow of the leaves. Each time a stray ray of sunlight hit the guy, he seemed to flinch, closely followed by surprise when nothing happened. Adam couldn't help look at him. It was like seeing a child explore the water for the first time. And then it was gone and Jane called him and his attention was back on her, by the time he looked up again, the stranger was gone.

Judith showed up a bit later, smoking. She put it out under Jane's look and sat down with them. Still so weird, still. And the guy was still there, staring at them, watching her.

Adam stayed behind that day, letting Jane head off with Judith. He didn't get up till he saw the stranger again, going right after Jane. Ignoring Luke and Grace all together.
There were... he stopped. Where did the guy go?
The next thing he knew he was pushed against the wall, the stranger forcing him there.
"You're the boyfriend?" The stranger looked at him, eying him clearly. Then he nodded.
"She needs protection mate, but you'd better be more careful to whom you follow. They won't all be as nice as me."

Adam gasped for air as he left.
"I won't let you hurt her." he yelled after him.

The guy stopped cold and turned around. Looking at him, measuring him up and finding him wanting.
"Hurt her? Boy, you don't even have a clue how far off you are." Then he left, right after Jane.
Adam didn't know why, he should be more worried than ever. He should just call Jane's dad. Tell her some guy was stalking her. Instead he saw the man's look at Jane. Wonder, awe, and a sense...
Instead Adam just walked after him. If Jane needed protection, he'd be there too.


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