Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dear people at Opel in Germany,

Best greetings to you and my deepest sympathy for the coming times when a lot of people will lose their job. I understand all too well how scary that idea is and I know that you guys are just trying to save as many jobs as you can.

That said, can you guys please start working again.
See, cause you guys are on strike, the Opel factory in Antwerps doesn't have all the spare parts that they need. And since they can't work correctly, they don't need the bumpers we make at Plastic Omnium.

This might not mean much to you, but because you guys have put down work, all of us interim workers at Plastic Omnium had to go. (at least till you guys start working again and production can go into full again.)

Now even though a short vacation is always nice, I prefer to work.

So once again, please start working again.
I need the money
really, honestly
Pretty please?

Lore Krajsman
Operator at the right side of the fronts in injection
currently unemployed till you guys stop your strike

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