Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Fic: Lost Chance

I finally managed to get my new fic finished and betaed.
It's slash, A/S, with a dash of A/W and to think I don't even like Angel

Title: Lost Chance
Author: Lore
Rating:NC17 (slash)
Summary: Angel ponders on Spike and lost opportunities after Chosen
Disclaimer:I don't own, please don't sue (not that I have anything
to take, and you can't have my dogs anyway so...)
Notes: just a thought on Angel's reaction to Spike's death
Warning: many Angelus/William flashbacks and consequences of those,
and considering they're both vampires... thus not suited for kiddie-
eyes(or to put it more clearly, rape, abuse bla bla bla...)

You can find the completed fic at:
Tags: fanfic, spike/angel

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