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Name Origin: Basque
Number of Syllables: 1.00
Gender: Female

More interesting facts about the name Lore:

Lucky Number: 5
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Primary Color: Blue
Traits: Active, both physically and mentally. Inquiring, exploring. Fond of reading and researching. Good at languages. Would make a very good teacher, writer, secretary. Makes friends easily. Usually methodical and orderly; adept at simplifying systems.

My mom was actually going for a shorter version of the name Hanne Lore, so I don't think she knew about any of this.

Uhm aside of the 'makes friends easily' this is actually pretty accurate.
When I was in highschool the school councilor once advised me to search into the possibility that I had some kind of adult autisme, since I'm rather into orderly timetables and stuff even aside of the 'having trouble in making or rather, keeping friends' part.
(what can I say, I kinda like predictability)

For the record, the shrink who did the test says I'm just a creative genius, which was either supposed to be funny or a proof that he didn't have a clue*g*

Still, my mom's still somewhat convinced that I have some sort of light autisme, probably explains me to her ;-)
Is it my fault that I just don't like going to nightclubs or parties, that I prefer staying in with a good book over rushing into a lot of noise, that I have trouble making new contacts and hide a lot of shyness, with probably overexaggerated overtness which tends to make me go on in a ramble like I'm doing now.

It's weird, I talk easily with strangers, often about things that are actually rather private, yet at the same time, I'm shy as hell, and constantly worried of what people think of me the moment I turn my back.

It's why, when I once read that someone wondered how the hell JM could claim to be shy when he's so open on stage, I instantly recognized the feeling. That sense that you have to step into this open persona of public life, while in reality you're terrified on the inside.
And man is this getting angsty.

Stupid test though, he just showed me a few pics with situations and asked me what I'd do. It's like a check to see if you follow normal behavior or not. I passed apparantly.
Well duh...

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