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Want ad: Spike crossover

I want fic

Think I got anyone's attention? ;-)

For the past few months I've been looking for crossover fics, more in specific Spike crossovers.
With this I do not mean crossovers in which Spike plays a small part but that mainly focus on the other characters. I mean a crossover that actually puts Spike centerplace.

Yes, foolish hope, there's way too few of those out there.
For some weird reason, most Buffy-crossovers seem to be either focussed on the scoobies as a group, or they're focussed on Willow, Xander or Dawn.
Now I don't so much mind the first kind, as long as it fits canon, or is clear out B/S or S/A.(which actually is canon as far as I'm concerned*g*)

I don't have any interest in Willow (other than my dislike against her), I like Dawn and Xander ok, but not as main chars in a fic and I really really really want to see a crossover focussing on Spike that does not turn him evil or ooc.

I want to see Spike meeting Methos, I want Spike meeting Joan of JoA, I want Spike getting in trouble with the CSI team (any which one of them), actually, I have a real liking for crossovers of Buffy, HL and/or any copshows. Hell, cross him over with (almost) any show you like and I'll be happy.

I bloody well have had this urge for months now and the pickings have been extremely slim.

So, seeing as how I'm getting desperate.
I'm willing to give a two month paid lj account (or extra icons if you've already got a paid account) to the first three vollunteers willing to write me a Spike crossover that's either S/A, S/B or that pairs Spike with a char from the crossed over series.

In order to qualify, the fic has to be over 1.000 words (yes I'm greedy), can't simply be a PWP and has to have Spike as a good guy.
I prefer plot heavy fics, love both het and slash and would definitely not mind h/c fics or fics that deal with dark issues. (as long as Spike, Buffy and Angel get out of it alive, or unalive)
No charbashing please.

And oh yes if the fic written crosses over with Joan of Arcadia or Dead like me I'd be eternally grateful and might add a bonus.

I offer to make icons, write drabbles, or some other request for anyone else that either gives me a fic, or gives me the link to a fic.
Anyone, pretty please?

PS: if you don't manage to be one of the first three, but I really like the fic, I might pay for the icons or paid lj-time anyway*eg*
(just had to limit the number since I'm on a budget)

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