Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Three drabbles out of my upcoming Spike/OC fic*g*

Title:Childs play
Rating: G

Maureen quickly closed her eyes, all too desperate not to see the damage in front of her, or the young girl in the center, looking at her with tearfilled eyes. She tried not to say something. Not to show disappointment, or anger. It wasn't Becky's fault that she was stronger than ten men. It wasn't her fault she could break a doorhandle without even trying. And it wasn't her fault that she was a slayer.

"There was a demon, really… He just left."

But what God could ever choose to give that kind of power to a nine year old?

Title: Buddies

"So what did your mom say?"

"I'm grounded." She hit him, he just stopped her blow. "And it's your fault."

"Me? I didn't ask you to come after me with a stake now did I? Just came to borrow some salt and that's what I get for a response?"
Becky pouted on the stairs.
"Hey." He sat next to her. Black clothes, black coat.
"Are we palls?"
She continued to pout. The blond vampire put his hands in his pockets.
"You could use my playstation…"

"Your ass is mine."
The vampire took the slayer's hand and she pulled him along.

Title: Her first battle

Spike looked at the little brat with pride.
Kick, hit, slash, cut through. And another target gone.
Her mom seemed worried, but he took Maureen's hand in his own. She seemed grateful but pulled it back.
It was never easy to watch your little girl in her first big fight.

Becky jumped up, lifted her boken and pushed it through the heart. Spike cheered her on. Maureen fought back a smile and simply stood there, still worried as hell. Then she fell in Spike's embrace.
Second annual Junior Slayer championship and their kid was winning.
Spike had never been prouder.

Notes: Just thought I'd play with two oc's I've created for a fic I'm writing. Yes, stupid, but I just like the idea of Spike making friends with a preteen Slayer. That and the idea of seeing how a mother would deal with having her child become a slayer.

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