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A Belgian response to yet another anti-Moore movie*g*

I just followed the link in opalescence's journal

Sorry to tell you, but even without reading/viewing, whatever...those books, I'd still sooner believe Moore than this guy.


Because I've seen evidence supporting Moore's views. I've seen the results of Bushes actions, the reactions to them, not just in the US or the middle eastern region, but in the entire world. And with the current American administration, I fear for all of us. Not just people in the US, but people here in Europe, anywhere in the world.

I fear for humanity, that so many people still let themselves be guided by fear and hate. I fear for humanity that so many people refuse to look at the evidence and plain out tell Bush they disagree with him.
I fear for the world that even people smart enough to realize what an idiot that Bush is, would still proudly state they'd vote for him.

I fear that people would sooner give up their rights, their freedom than admit that their government made a mistake. That they made a mistake by voting for someone that lets himself be guided, not by intelligence, not by facts, but by misguided religion that should have nothing at all to do with running a country.

Cause honestly, having overlooked all the evidence, from American websites as well as Belgian newspapers, I haven't seen a single proven positive thing about Bush, where as even though I don't agree with Kerry about everything, he at least makes sense. (something that Bush doesn't do at all, plus, Bush, not the kind of 'man' I'd ever want to even let near the nuclear launchcodes.)

In all honesty, I see Bush doing many of the same things that he accuses Sadam off (think I even saw a post somewhere once proving this, wish I could show it to you, now where did I leave that link again*grumble*).

Honestly, is there even one positive thing that Bush has done for the USA? Cause even though I've looked, I can't find any.

I really wish that Bush was still just the boring American president I didn't give a damn about four years ago. I wish that he'd have been just another background figure that I wouldn't care about one way or another. Just yet another international politician.
Thing is, he isn't. He's proven too much of a menace to the world at large to ignore him and I can't possibly see that as a good thing.
As much as Bush likes to claim a war against al-Qaida, he's actually been their most successfull recruiter in the past few years. And that is NOT a good thing.

Maybe it's just me, but Belgian's constitutional monarchy is looking better and better with every day. Our king has little or nothing really to say. He's a symbol more than a ruler. He stands for our country, represents us, but when it comes down to it, he has no real controll.
The person really in charge is the prime minister and he doesn't have half the power over Belgium that your president does. And it seems right that way.

We have someone to unite Belgium, someone behind whom we can stand if necessery, but he couldn't run the country into the ground even if he wanted to.

I may be a socialist(sorta on most points*g*) but that doesn't stop me from being a monarchist, I'll support koning Albert II, I support prins Filip and his wife Mathilde, their little girl(our future queen), their entire family if I have to. Cause the more I see of the mess that the American president makes of it, the more I'll fight to keep our current king on his throne (figuratively, if not literally*g*).

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