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Buffy/Angel vs Clark/Lana and why they're so similar

Rather amusing, and somewhat lacking in importance...
I was reading the digest for Nummy Treats, a viddinglist I'm on at yahoo groups and someone made a vid that I didn't bother to download. (sorry, B/A tends to leave me so cold that I don't bother wasting bandwith on it, unless there's spuffy in the vid as well, or unless it is to show how wrong B/A is*eg*)

Anyway, there was this new vid, 'celebrating' and comparing the similarities between Buffy/Angel and Clark/Lana and I couldn't help thinking how apt that really is.
I mean, both ships are advertised as the main hero's first 'true love', they're both highschool crushes, they're both destined to end.

See, that's where the funny crept in, cause no matter how much you enjoy Clark/Lana (something I've never really understood, Clark/Lex for me*g*), there's always that voice in the back of your mind saying, but she's not his real true love. Not the person he'll end up with, not the person that he'll love for the rest of his life.

Anyone who knows even a little about Superman, knows that Clark's true love is Lois Lane. A woman who up to season three (four?, not sure) had never even been shown on the series. Lois is snappy, slightly adversarial when they first meet (in the comics at least, don't know anything about the series beyond season 2), but in the end, she's destined to be Clark's wife and the love of his life (so far at least*eg*)

See there's the funny, B/A is also advertized as being this 'great love' (pukes), yet in reality, Angel hasn't really been there for her since season four. Buffy, like Clark will, has moved on. First to Riley, and then to Spike.

I'm not saying that Spike is Buffy's Lois, I'd want him to be. I want them to get back together and end up happily ever after. Or at least together to share their better and worse ;-)
But to ask for such is a dream, (esp. in the Jossverse) which I'm not stupid enough to be fanatic about.
But see, in the end, Clark didn't go back to Lana, just like Buffy won't go back to Angel.

So yeah, that vid is kinda wellsuited for those two relationships.
(not that I'd want to ever end up with S/A being compared to Lex/Lana, cause Lana really really bores me*eg*)

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