Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

"Which beautiful Sorceress are you?"
Dark Sorceress
You depict the Dark Sorceress! The evil beauty of the bunch, you use your magic for manipulating minds and preying upon feeble beings. The night is your sanctuary and the moon is your guide.

Take the quiz: "Which form of Satanism suits you?"

Religious Satanism
This religion recognizes Satan, generally as a life principle. Followers are usually serious adults, although there are few mature teens also. The main tradition of this religion is The Church Of Satan. It is very important to take notice that the Satan they recognize has few points, if any of similarity to the Christian concept of Satan. The Satanist's concept of Satan is pre-Christian, and derived from the Pagan image of power, virility, sexuality and sensuality. Their Satan has nothing to do with Hell, demons, pitchforks, sadistic torture, buying people's souls, performing miracles, human sacrifices and other profoundly evil deeds.

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