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Fic: Super Andrew and his kungfu grip(1/3)

Title:Super Andrew and his kung fu grip
Rating:R (slash)
Summary:AU post Smashed, Andrew, Jonathan and their pal Spike
Notes: written for elizard100 for the Jonathanathon organised by redeem147

"Aw aw, I give up I do. I promise." Jonathan couldn't stop laughing as Andrew tickled him.

"There's no safety from Super Andrew and his kungfu grip."
Jonathan was too busy giggling and trying to get away from those hands to really fight back. Andrew finally rolled over and away from him, smiling as he lay down next to Jonathan. The both of them exhausted. But smiling, always smiling, ever since they'd left Warren behind with his insanities and had thought of nothing but their own true goals of Star Wars mastery, possession of every last Spiderman comic and the sight of Spike doing the dance of the seven veils.

Well alright, they hadn't really accomplished any of those goals, and that last one was strictly Andrew's, but still. They'd left Sunnydale behind and were now free of their lives as evil crimelords. Mostly, sort of.
And all it had taken them to get out was to use Warren's mind control device and use it on Spike when he'd tried to get them to check out his chip.

Jonathan still wasn't sure what that had been about.

Spike glared at them as he entered the room, probably muttered something like silly poofs or something similar. It would have meant more if Jonathan had known what poof meant. For now it was just more of Spike's gruffness. Sometimes Jonathan wondered why he didn't just leave them. It's not like they'd tried to control him ever again, after that first rather failed and immensely educational experiment.

The vampire put a paper bag on the floor next to the mini fridge and started filling it with a load of bloodbags. he just glared when Jonathan tried to remind him to only take the bottom shelf. It's not like it was that unreasonable, him and Andrew had to eat too. But then, Spike didn't care. As he showed when he pulled out the rest of the groceries. Which if not enough ewww had been spread around already; had been lying right under the blood. Meat, vegetables and oh yummy, those cookies that Andrew preferred.

So nice of Spike to notice. Uhm, but still the blood. He wanted to get up and tell Spike off, but he really had to go to the toilet first, shy bladder and all. And thinking about it, that look in Spike's face, clearly showed that he wasn't about to listen to a short American twerp that should know when to keep his mouth shut, as he said it.

It wasn't really that Spike was mean to him, well not more so than he was to anyone else. And Jonathan didn't have a clue how they would have survived on their own if it hadn't been for Spike. But sometimes, he preferred the fantasies. Even if he didn't share Andrew's dreams about seeing Spike in silk and nothing but silk. Sometimes Andrew scared him.

But then Spike would turn around and smile, as if noticing something that was funny only to him. Just like he was doing now. And his eyebrows would lift, just like that, like he was doing now, while staring at Jonathan standing over the toilet and would he please turn his eyes away.

Cause, privacy please?

And then he'd turn away in a huff and go back to the bedroom. Sitting down on the bed and picking up a pack of cigarettes, fags as he'd call them. Taking that lighter of his and lighting it. He was so cool, never seemed to care what to do with the butts, never... oh ewww again with that image.

Andrew just stayed on the bed, lying down and looking up at Spike who was sitting at the back of the bed. His hand moving to his crotch just staring at Spike's neck and back and ... Jonathan got up from the toilet and pulled up his pants self-consciously. Trying to hide that he'd even noticed anything.

And then Jonathan would just kneel down in front of him and open the vampire's trousers, pulling Andrew's attention enough so that he'd finally sit up, leaning over Spike, staring down at Jonathan as he licked up on Spike's shaft. Spike's free hand would take Andrew's chin over his shoulder and caress him softly. Spike could be so gentle, when he wanted to be.

Andrew would then kiss his neck, those cheekbones and Jonathan would just ignore that it was another man who's pride and joy he had in his mouth. He'd forget that Spike had never told him to do so, had never even asked for it, though he'd never refused it either. And most of all, he'd forget how happy it made him to feel Spike harden under the touch of his tongue.

None of the girls he'd ever lusted after, were ever this responsive. Even the twins. Mmmmm twins... And there he went, haplessly coming while Spike wasn't even close and Andrew's hands would move up under Spike's as always black shirt. Jonathan would then just watch as Andrew pulled Spike's shirt over his head and as Spike's cigarette fell down on the ground right next to him. Nearly hitting him. Jonathan would quickly put it out before something caught on fire, cause fire bad.

Spike never topped though. He'd let them go down on him. But he never topped. Andrew didn't mind that, at all. Warren had never let him top after all. So Jonathan would pull those pants further down, while Andrew prepared his own cock. And he'd pretend that the only reason the look of that exited him all up again, was because he was jealous of Spike's good looks, not because of other, uh obvious reasons. Cause he wasn't gay, not really.

He didn't like men after all. His first crush was a girl, so were all others, except for Warren

But where Spike was involved; especially when he crawled up on the bed, his long limbs holding his ass up to the air for them to use; who in their right mind could really blame a guy when he accepted the lube from Andrew and started preparing himself as well.

Well honestly, who wouldn't?

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