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Looking for fanfic writers

I was talking this over with a friend and we considered writing a potential AU series, describing what season seven would have been like if Xander had died instead of Tara. The basic idea would be to start at the end of Seeing red and then write every single ep going out from there, while at the same time correcting the continuity errors that so many people seem to dislike.

For example, we've actually thought up reasons as to why Spike and Buffy were so important to the First. Why the First didn't just kill Spike, what the imbalance was that Buffy caused in the Slayer line...

Now since this will be a big job, we'd like to have some extra writers to create this series.
Now for the record, I love Xander, so in other words, killing him will increase the role for Xander, because we'll have the First mainly concentrate on using Xander's form. And the effects this will have on the gang. Not to mention show exactly how big a part he had in the gang. You know, how you don't notice how important something is till it's gone.

Adding Tara to season seven will bring a stabilizing spirit to the season and most of all... Willow will not spend most of her time either terrified of her magic or being seduced by Kennedy, leaving the time for her to actually spend some time on a storyline that actually focusses on important issues.

We also plan on ending Chosen in a way that Buffy will actually play a bigger role and be more essential in actually closing the hellmouth. No sudden out of the blue peace making with giles, but a slow and worked out understanding between him and Buffy.

And oh yes, when Angel does come to Sunnydale, he won't be alone. He will be bringing Wesley with him. Adding interaction between Angel and the Sunnydale gang. And not just bring him in to have a senseless kiss between him and Buffy.

Most of the main plotpoints of season seven will stay, we'll just add some twists. Though we will try and focus some attention on the potentials, trying to turn them into more than cannon fodder or screenfilling. Without taking away time from the main chars.

We'll also bring in the scythe much much earlier in the season. Explaining how Buffy could actually expect to take out the first ubervamp.

Pairings will be:
Anya/Xander leading to Anya/Giles

Anyone interested can mail me at
or reach me through aim at LilithDemonmom

If enough people are interested, I might start a yahoo group for discussions of this AU.

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