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New community

Call me crazy, call me insane.
But what the hell...

Yes, I'm not the biggest Angel fan, but still...

I just started a new community boreanaz_pics
It's based on the idea of marsters_daily and c_kanedaily

Yes there's plenty of Angel communities, but while I was looking, I didn't find any communities strictly for the purpose of sharing David Boreanaz pics, screencaps, manips, wallpapers, icons, ... you name it, as long as it's a pic and Angel's in it(preferably as the main subject), it's welcome.

Feel like joining?
Just head over to:
Boreanaz in Sight
And we'll be more than happy to have you

Come on guys, I need pics for my A/S manips, won't you help me? ;-)

PS: Am looking for co-moderators as well, preferably someone who knows how to change the style for a community, cause I paid for that journal, so I damn well want a background and a header for it. (which I once again, find myself failing in doing*eg*)

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