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Rant: Core four, Cliques and Chosen

This is something I've been wondering about every single time that
someone mentions this term. Why should the core four be more
important than any other character on the show? Someone please
explain, cause I sure don't understand it.

Yes I like Xander, I love Buffy, can't stand Willow and don't really
mind Giles but I've never seen them as more important than other
members of the cast.

Maybe it's because I've never been a original part of a group, maybe
it's that I've always been the hanger on, but I really despise that
tendency to think that someone matters more because they were there

I prefer Spike over Xander, think SMG is much more interesting as
Buffy than Kristy Swanson (or however you spell that) was, I prefer
Wesley over Giles, think that Spike is more intersting both souled
and unsouled than Angel. I care a thousand times more for Tara than I
ever did for Willow and last but not least... I'd much rather would
have seen Xander die in Chosen, than Anya.
And no, I still love Xander, I just feel that his death would have
been more in place than Anya's.

Original is not necesserily better. Just cause something came first
doesn't mean something better can't follow it up.

When someone says they should have focussed more on the 'core four' I
keep thinking why?
Sure they could have shown more Willow, but they showed her, just not
in the right way. I'm still waiting for her to show any regret for
raping Tara's mind. Or actual guilt for trying to kill her friends
and attempting to destroy the world. Instead she was re-accepted way
too soon, never actually forced to bear the consequences of her

They could have done more with Xander, but the problem was that they
gave all the lines that could have made Xander interesting to Andrew.
They could have used Giles, instead they gave us a Giles-bot that
showed no emotion, didn't even seem to care about the practical
miracle they had amongst them. (I mean a vampire that willingly chose
good over evil, the least he could have done was shown some interest.
Instead of just having Giles be the disaproving father. Yet we were
never shown any sign from Giles that a vampire willingly choosing to
get a soul was even considered odd. If you see the scooby's
reactions, then you'd have to believe that vamps go out to get a soul
every day.)

Honestly, imagine this, if they hadn't been so strict with the 'no-
core scooby can die'-rule then Warren could have killed Xander, for
whom they apparantly couldn't seem to find any story for anyway.
(unless you're interested in the exciting world of window repair)
Willow could have gone crazy in revenge for the killing of her best
friend/semi-brother. Xander would have had a major death from
something totally unexpected. No lesbian cliché-shit. Tara could have
talked Willow down. And instead of the non-chemistry of
Willow/Kennedy we oculd have had Tara helping Willow get over her
guilt for killing Warren.

Most of all Xander would have gone out with a bang, he would be
remembered as one of the best chars on the show, instead of with the
sisser of a story where I was basically bored with almost every scene
he had since they couldn't seem to find anything for him to do anyway.
And I'm saying this as a major Xander-fan.
Hell imagine the impact on any of the scoobies if they'd had to deal
with the First masquerading as Xander... Total heartache on the
viewers as well as the chars. And we all know that Nick Brendan is
great at playing evil.

Or if Giles had died in Sleeper... The whole no-touching nonsense
would have meant something. Giles utterely stupid behavior would have
made sense. Just imagine the impact of the First taking Giles form
and using Buffy's feelings for Giles against her.
But of course, you can't kill a core scooby.

Just imagine the sense of finality the showender would have had if
Xander, the socalled heart of the scoobies had died in Chosen...
Where as Anya's death seemed to get completely ignored, blink and you
miss and all that.

Honestly, if I hadn't known up ahead that Spike would die in Chosen
and that he'd be on Angel next year, the end of Chosen would have
made me refuse to ever watch an ep written by Joss or any other
member of ME for any show ever again. After Chosen, for a long time I
no longer cared for a single surviving character other than Buffy.
Seeing as how Joss made it clear that the chars didn't care for
anyone outside their core clique surviving. (Sorry, even over a month
later, I still don't see any of them giving a damn that Anya and
Spike, two people they all knew closely, just died)
Joss could have given us a single tear coming down from Xander's
face, some sign that they cared, he didn't.
So if they don't give a damn, why should I care for them?

Maybe the reason that I don't see Chosen as having a happy ending, is
because basically, no matter how I turn or twist it, it plainly just
Buffy didn't save the day. She and the other slayers just helped hold
of the ubervamps till Spike's amulet started working. Xander, Anya,
Dawn, Wood Andrew and Giles didn't need to be there, or they could
have been better armed. Hell why weren't they waiting outside ready
to kill the ubervamps from a safe position?
Was it so hard to have them know what the amulet would do beforehand?
Hell Spike's sacrifice could have meant so much more if they'd known
it could kill the bearer and Spike still accepted to wear it.
Hell they could have even included some sign of recognition from
Giles or Xander. Some sign that they realized how much Spike had
changed. Instead Spike and we got the idea that other than Buffy
noone gave a damn about him. Something that really made me dislike
the scoobies.

Honestly, if it hadn't been for the amulet, something they didn't
even know about, Buffy's own actions in opening the Hellmouth could
have destroyed the world. If it hadn't been for the amulet, the new
Slayers and everyone else there still wouldn't have been enough to
stop the army of ubervamps. They all would have died, pointlessly.

Yet we're still expected to see this as a feminist victory, to me it

And don't let me even start on the fence sitting concerning B/A and
B/S. Joss had a perfect chance to end B/A once and for all. To give
Angel a clean start and leave him free on his own show. Instead we
got the most humiliating kiss on Buffy ever. And I do mean
humiliating. Angel's spent two years crushing on Cordy and all of a
sudden now that he can't have her he's back with Buffy? Sorry, not
buying it. To me that kiss felt like the guy that keeps a girl on
retainer, so that if he can't have his first choice, he'll have
another on hand. And I hate to see Buffy as second choice in anything.
Probably the reason why I prefer B/S, Angel has made it clear that he
was over Buffy, having him suddenly switch modes, just cause he comes
back feels stupid and out of character, considering his behavior on
his own show.

Honestly, right now if Buffy ever shows up on Angel, I want to see
her with a new partner. Even if we don't see him, I want to hear her
mention that she has someone new. If ME won't give us B/S then I'd
prefer anything and I do mean anything over B/A.

I could deal if Buffy couldn't fall in love with Spike. I would think
she was stupid for throwing away the best looking, most loving guy
any woman could wish for, but I could accept it. Especially if it
meant that Spike could fall in love with someone that finally could
love him back. Someone that was worthy of him. But I'd be embarrassed
and ashamed for Buffy's sake if she ever ended up with Angel again.
Sorry, Angel's beneath her and the sooner she realizes that the
better for her.

Hell I've always seen Buffy and Xander as brother and sister, but
right now I'd even prefer Buffy/Xander over B/A and that's saying

Sorry, end of rant.

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