Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Ficlet: It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to(1/1)

This is a short ficlet I wrote. I really like the idea, but not sure if the result is any good.
Please let me know what you think k?

Title: It's my party and I'll cry if I want to (1/1)

He was standing in the middle of a crowd. Everyone was cheering him, patting his shoulder. He pulled in, trying to stay out of everyone's way. But it was useless. Everyone wanted to hug him, to hold him, the nibblet was standing next to him, laughing at a joke the poofter's boy was telling her. And a part of his mind was yelling at the boy to get his filthy paws off of his bit.

He had to fight not to smile, pretend he hated this and wanted to be left alone. Ah what the hell, what was the use of it. So he let his smile slip through, just in time as she came up to him.
She looked beautiful, her brown hair flowing over her shoulders, wearing a pretty dress of some indeterminate colour. Shy, smitten with the man standing next to her. And happy, oh so happy.

He took Fred in his arms and hugged her as he'd once promised her he would. Wesley coughed, didn't like to see anyone put their fingers on his girl. Couldn't blame the lucky bastard, he was a fortunate man to touch such grace.
She'd arranged this see, promised him a party.

She'd called it a resurrection day party, something that came up, because. He couldn't even remember why she'd proposed it. But she had, he'd refused to give his birthday and then she said, "then we'll just have to make it your resurrection day party.

And now it was one year, to the day and everyone was here.
Charlie, the ponce, peaches, Fred of course, the bint, even if he hadn't invited her. The guys from accounting, some girls from the steno pool. And them.

Fred aimed him her way. Buffy, her and the scoobies.
Rupert had apologized and told him he was proud of him. The whelp offered a game of pool, demongirl somehow by his side. Red and her mouse just hugged him, happy to see him. The boy was yapping all around, annoying everyone who would listen, and those who wouldn't with more of his sci fi nonsense.

He took Fred's hand, so happy to see her, but unwilling to let go, as if when he let go, all of it would be gone. But she told him Buffy was waiting.

Spike let go of her hand, still so hesitant, so... He took one step. Buffy.

He woke up in the dark, alone. And Fred was dead. Had been for months. He stayed in bed, remembering her promise, knowing it was the day. Knowing why his mind had imagined what it did.

He passed by Angel's desk in the small Hyperion hotel as he went to the lobby. Angel didn't even look up as he came in. Told him to smoke outside, during the middle of the day, yeah right.

He just sat down, trying to remember his dream, the people, ...

He looked up, seeing Illyria standing there. Her eyes so cold out of Fred's body. She was holding a package.
"I do not understand these memories. But they told me it was important."
And of course Charlie had told her to listen to those memories, to let them teach her. Yeah right.

She handed him the gift in her hands.
"Happy ressurection day." the card read.
Spike cried.

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