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Old Fic: A taste for Xander (definite NC17) 1/1

Title: A Taste For Xander
Author: Lore
Rating:NC 17 slash
Pairings: Xander/OMC
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: While on his roadtrip, Xander makes a 'friend'
Warnings:Rape, cannibalism
Disclaimers: We intend no copyright infringement by the use of characters and of settings from of this show.We write for the entertainment of ourselves and those who take the time to read this.
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Xander sat down on the plastic seat. The bus should have been there over half an hour ago. There was no way he'd stay in this little bit of nowhere any longer than he had to. This place was as boring as Sunnyhell, without any of the demons and vampires. Even they weren't crazy enough to stay here.

His fingers drummed a tune up on the plastic. His feet hopping along with it. Now where was that bus? Dum dum kadum.

"What are you staring at?" he said to a boy who'd placed himself on the bench across of him. The kid, well he seemed to be his own age, but so what, had been looking at him since he'd sat down. It was as if he'd been coming to a decision about something. The boy didn't answer, he just kept on looking at him, sizing him up for something. Xander ignored him as best as he could, continuing on his merry way, playing the happy days tune he'd had in his head since breakfast, a small apple.

Finally the boy got up, he moved closer to Xander. He seemed nervous somehow, as if unsure of his own intentions. Xander just backed of a bit more, giving the kid some space. "Blake." the kid introduced himself. Xander just nodded, refusing to answer. The boy kept staring at him and finally Xander had to give up and introduce himself.

I don't think the bus will come anymore." The kid said.

Xander groaned, he was about ready to burst.
/Of all the times for this to happen.../

"Want to have a drink?" the kid offered.

Xander wanted to say no, but the boy didn't leave him much of a choice, offering to buy the food. As hungry as Xander was, it was hard to say no to an offer like that.

Blake led the way to a diner. He was also the one to order the food. Xander was too surprised by finding out he actually liked the company to notice that he was the only one who was eating. Blake just messed with his food. They talked, though Xander shrank back each time the kid touched him; a bit too much for his taste. Not that he had anything against gays, but his taste ran another way thank you very much.

Blakes hand touched his own and Xander wanted to pull back again, suddenly he felt a short prick, he had no idea what it was, all he knew was that everything got hazy in front of him. /Oh god no!/ Xander stared in the boys eyes and for one short moment there was a hint of satisfaction in those dark eyes. It was only an instant, Xander could have ignored it and believed in the worried friend routine if everything hadn't gone black in front of his eyes.


When he woke up it was dark, actually the place was dark. He got real scared when he tried to move his hand and found it tied up. So were his feet for that matter. He could feel the cold hard wood beneath his back, it was in strange contradiction with the pillow someone had propped under his head. His jacket was gone as well.

He tried to get loose but if was of no use. A door opened, it squeaked slightly as it did so and Xander could see a shimmering of light come from its direction. A hand appeared and all of a sudden the room was flooded with light. Xander gulped, at second thought the dark had been better than this.

There were racks filled with knives, saws and other such stuff. A glass container filled half with human eyeballs stood facing him on one of the shelves. The place felt seeded with blood. The stench alone was enough to turn him sick.

"Hi." the boy said way to cheery, "Welcome to my home." Xander tried to fight his chains.

"Let me go." he demanded.

The boy shook his head. "Sorry, can't do that." He came closer, his fingers brushed past Xanders face. "If I'd let you go ..." Xander could feel lips touch his ears, the breath warm against his cold flesh. "who would I have for dinner?"

Xander nearly choked, trying to get away, but unable to move a single inch. Sweat trickled past his cheek. The boy, felt the drop, picked it up with his finger and brought it to his lips. Tasting it. "Nice, salty. You're quite the nummy treat you know." Xander started trembling. "Moist and tasty, better than a good fat steak."

A litany of curses left Xanders mouth, but his captor barely seemed to notice. The kid just put on a heater. "Freshness is all good and well, but we can't have the meat frozen before it's even cleaned, now can we?"

Xander was still shouting, the kid just got tired of the noise and put a rag in between his lips. Touching his tongue, holding it slightly as he did so. It was almost as if he were considering to cut it out, but decided not to bother.
"No reason to get obscene, the neighbours might complain."
The boy put on some music and starting filling a huge tub with water, softly whistling along. A lump formed in Xanders throat.

"Oh god I'm diner, or lunch or..." a voice yelled inside his head. Of all the things to end up as, this was the last one. It was one thing, facing a demon and knowing it could eat you, but ending up on a psychopaths plate... The kid didn't even seem to be acting out of hate or anger, just simple casualness, as if it were the most normal thing to pick someone up to eat.

He startled up, a squeak was stopped by the rag as the boy pinched his arm. Xanders eyes flew wide open in shock. "Nice to know you won't have to cook long with meat this tender." his finger went up on Xanders skin. "I might even try a barbecue with those limbs. I'm sure they'd be great with a few herbs sprinkled over them."

Xanders eyes flickered back and forth. "Don't worry son. At least this way you'll serve some purpose in life. Who knows how worthless your life would have been if I hadn't seen you." Xander couldn't believe his ears, fuming in anger. The boy pinched Xander again, this time in his cheek. "All you need is a bit more flesh on those bones and you'll do just fine. Right now I wouldn't even have three days worth of meat from you." That was too much, now the guy was complaining he wasn't a fat enough pig for the roast.

The young man breathed out in relief as the boy moved away again, hoping for his captor to leave so he could try an escape. But the boy didn't leave the room. He just spread a few herbs in the water before grabbing for one of the smaller knives. Xanders pupils opened wide in fear. He tried to shrink into the rack that was holding him. It didn't help.

"There are actually two ways that we can do this son. Either you co-operate or you don't."

'Now this was too crazy, why would he want to help the guy in butchering him?

"Things would be a lot easier for me if you played along."

'I bet they would.' Xander thought, wanting to spit the man in the face for making such a ridiculous offer.

"Now of course, you're wondering what's in it for you. I guess it's unlikely that you're thinking of anyone but yourself right now. A bit selfish, but then who wouldn't be." The kid grabbed Xanders chin, holding him tight as he put the knife to his meal's throat.
"I don't like hurting my food, call me soft if you want, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If it were up to me, I'd like to make your death as painless as possible." His gaze became more intense, "I could even make this ... pleasurable."

At those words he cut open Xanders shirt and pulled it of his body, leaving the boys chest open to the light. "But doing so requires for you to work with me. If I have to, say... cut your limbs of before killing you, that wouldn't be good for me, since they wouldn't be as fresh as I prefer them. But if you refuse to play along, then I have no choice but to hurt you, a lot."

He pulled down the rag in front of Xanders mouth, giving him a chance to answer. Xander just froze, looked into the boys eyes and knew him to be 100% serious. The kid actually thought he was doing him a favor. He gulped, the words to refuse wouldn't form on his lips. Maybe ... there might be a chance, any chance. He just nodded yes.

The boy smiled and got up to Xander. "Now I got to get all that stuff out of the way first. You're all wrapped up." Xander barely held in a protest when the boys hands moved to his pants. A warning glare from his captor kept him from pulling back. He stayed silent and unmoving, the hair on his hands stood up in fear.

The hands pulled down first his pants and then his boxers. "My oh my, you're quite the fine specimen of manhood now aren't you." He brushed over its length as if assessing its strength. Then he moved on down, the shoes were still in the way, not to mention the shackles. Xander looked at his head, holding in the urge to spit on the madman's head. It went so slowly as the boy untied the laces. Xander almost started seeing the shoes as a kind of protection, a protection that all to soon would be gone.

The boys hair tickled up against his captives groin, tickling it. Xander couldn't care less. "Why don't you untie my feet, wouldn't that be easier?" Xander gave him an innocent look, pretending to be just helping instead of trying to get loose.

The boy just grinned at him, looking up to face his captive in the eye. "I'd love to do that, son, but you know what they say about temptation don't you? It wouldn't be fair of me to tempt into believing there's a way out, now would it?" After that he just grabbed a knife, cutting through the pants, and threw the pieces on the ground. The boxers went the same way.

Xander was lying there, completely naked, his mind screaming bloody murder, yet outwardly he stayed as still as possible. Shivers went up to his spine as the boys fingers moved up his body, touching him. The fingers went to his groin again and it would almost be erotic, if Xander couldn't guess that the guy was more thinking of recipes than of sex. He gulped hard when the boy took his penis, taking it in his mouth. 'Oh god he can't ...' But the boy didn't. He just licked its length, as if tasting it like a Popsicle. His mouth seemed to open slightly in pleasure as he let Xanders member back out. "You are one good-tasting kid, son."

'Couldn't he stop with the "son" yet?'

The boy grabbed Xanders member and balls, making his captive freeze in fear. The knife was still in the other hand. "I'd almost feel like cutting them off, cooking them in a frying pan with some mushrooms and tomatoes, and then sharing them with you. Would you like that?"

"Please no." Xander begged. He couldn't say more. Didn't the guy have enough of a kick. Torturing him like this, letting him know he was going to die. This...

"Why not? I'm sure they'd taste great. And since you need to eat, you might as well try it for yourself. The human penis is one of the greatest delicacies there are, almost as good as heart. I wouldn't want to be a bad host, now would I?" Xander started shaking in shock. "Ah well, your loss." He let go of Xanders groin and got up.

The tub was almost full. He put his finger into it, feeling it for warmth. It seemed to fit his idea of OK as he took a can of salt and put some of it in the hot water. Then he put some pepper into it. Xander wanted to scream, but it was as if his voice was gone.

"You promised." he finally managed to say. "You wouldn't ..." meaning the bath. The boy seemed confused, unsure of what his meal was talking about, then he looked at the bath. "Oh that. No son, I'm not going to boil you to death. That would be bad now wouldn't it. I just got to clean you up a bit."

'Oh god, he's not going to gut and skin me like a fish is he?'

Suddenly Xander felt the chains above his head go a bit loser. He could barely move and before he could even try a thing, he felt a syringe enter the vein in his neck. "This will keep you from moving while I'm working on you. Don't worry, you'll remain conscious throughout the whole thing. I wouldn't want to steal your final hours away from you." Xander could feel his limbs go weak as time passed. Thinking that this were the kind of hours that he wouldn't mind missing. "The stuff will be gone from your body in another two hours or so, which should be more than enough for me."

He untied the shackles and Xander fell limp on the floor, his body feeling like rubber. The boy dragged him to the bathtub as gentle as he was capable of. Still Xanders head bumped against things a time or two.

The water was warm, too warm, as he was dropped in. It didn't take long for Xander to give his best lobster imitation. The boy came closer with a long hard brush. He started a methodical cleaning of Xander's entire body. It was completely impersonal, which made it even worse. He whistled while he was working and every once and awhile Xander could taste himself in the salty water he was bathed in. He wasn't entirely sure about the boys claim that he wasn't planning to boil him alive. Not until the kid pulled the plug. Xander had never been so relieved to hear the water drain away.

It didn't end there though. Xander was left flat on the bottom of the tub. He could see, hear and feel, he just couldn't move. The boy was messing about at the bottom of the tub. When he finally got up and back into Xanders line of sight he was holding a small bottle. Xander remembered the sounds that had been running while the water drained away and he couldn't help thinking of his mother making a bouillon after cooking the meat. He wished he hadn't.

The bottle was put on the table and Xander felt himself pulled out of the bath and onto a huge stone slab in the middle of the room. It felt cold under his naked body. Xander watched as the boy took the bottle up again, poured some water into it from the drain and poured the stuff into a big cooking pot. The smell of it was strangely attractive. Xander almost stopped breathing. The boy though just went on his merry way. Light shone into the room as he opened his fridge and took out an arm. The hand was still attached to it. The boy took a knife and cut it of, taking the fingers and cutting them into small pieces. The rest of the arm went back into the fridge that seemed almost empty. Xander feared it would be full after the boy was finished with him. The monster poured them into a the microwave but didn't put it on yet.

He left Xander to drip a bit more and took another parcel out of the fridge. Xanders heart was drumming along with the rhythm of the knife on the cutting board.

"What is that?" Xander managed to slur out, more to break the silence then out of a real need to know. The boy looked up and answered while pushing the lumps into the soup. "Just some breast left over from yesterday. The girl was barely enough for a week. Quite a pain actually, forced me to cut her to pieces before I could kill her. She just refused to stay put. It took me hours to get any meat off of her."

He turned his spoon through the soup. "What's up with that whole anorexia-beauty ideal anyway? It ruins my appetite, that's what it does."

Xanders eyes were fixed on the pot. Ready to throw up at the scent coming from it now that he knew what was inside. "Ah well, it'll do for soup meat. I'm quite convinced that yours will be much better." It almost sounded as if he wanted to reassure Xander, letting him know that he at least was good for something more, that he'd at least taste good. It sounded as if ending up as soup meat was a disgrace compared to being the main dish. Xander was almost sickened to find out that part of him 'did' feel reassured by that. He had no idea what had gotten into him. He didn't want to end up as any kind of dish, or did he?

The boy left his work for a moment, took a kitchen towel and started drying Xander. First his hair that contained most of the water. Then his face, taking special care of the spots around his eyes. His fingers went to those for a second. Almost touching them and humming as if pleased by something. Then they went downwards, his touch growing ever more intimate. Xander was almost happy for the shackles keeping him in place. He could feel a soft tingle in his toes, his eyes opened wide and he tried to move them. To his surprise they actually responded. He didn't let it be noticed though. A cramp started building in his neck. It was as if the boy noticed and Xander was turned over on his stomach. Fingers gently kneaded the muscles in his neck and Xander could feel his body relax against his will. A moan of pleasure left his mouth as every bit of tension moved out of his body wherever those magical fingers touched. He could almost forget that this wasn't some erotic moment between lovers but a cook softening the meat for a culinary dish.

They touched his buttocks, opening his cheeks for a moment. Clearing his arse opening to the air. Xander still couldn't move. The boy took a small cup he'd filled at the sink and his fingers entered his captives body. They touched his prostate on a teasing but gentle rhythm. Xander felt like he was getting sick, the boy was just cleaning him, like he'd been doing before, but the touch was so intimate that he couldn't help but respond. The boy just smiled at that.

"Why?" Xander managed to slur out.

"Why what?"

"Why this, killing me?" the words came out half broken.

"Well I can hardly eat you alive." He turned to Xander a smile on his face. "Unless you'd like that? I can always share with you. " Xander held in his breath at those words, the boy didn't even stop his work, touching Xander's inner parts as if he were cleaning out a chicken.

"But why me?" Xander finally managed to say pleadingly.

"You're a loser. Xander wanted to interrupt him. "Look at yourself. At what you were doing with your life. You'll never be anything more than you are now. A failure, miserable and alone. All you'll ever have is your body and even that will give up on you after a while."

"But I ... I want to live."

"You might think so." The boy sounded almost said, as if he had trouble understanding Xanders need to live. "You're nothing more than a sheep son. A meek lamb ready for the slaughter. Sooner or later someone will take you, so why not me? At least I'll appreciate your true worth, your flavor. The taste of a human male in its prime. No one else will ever appreciate that like I will.

The boys hands finally left Xanders body. He looked back at the cooking pot. The scent came over to Xander and he fought the rumbling in his stomach. His captor took a bowl and filled it with the soup. Xander felt water enter his mouth as he watched the boy spoon up his food, lingering on the bits of meat in it. When he was finished he took the second cup and filled it to the brim before bringing it over to Xander. The young man considered turning away from it but the boy just grabbed his head and clamped his nose shut while warning him with a glare. Xander soon opened his mouth and the boy poured in the spoon. Xander didn't resist anymore as the boy fed him the remainder of the soup. It was thick and tasted better than anything Xander had ever had in his entire life. Kinda like chicken soup, only thicker and spicier.

Xander licked his mouth when the boy was finished, only to find himself faced with a second bowl of soup. Xander nearly choked but managed to finish it anyway. The third bowl was given to him to eat while Blake looked at him. He'd noticed that Xander had regained some of his mobility.

Xander first messed with it a bit, spooning up some of the stuff that looked like simple water and vegetables. The boy kept staring at him from his place on the counter, eating his finger snacks (literally) and Xander felt himself forced to pick up a lump of the meat. He forced himself to think of it as chicken and put it in his mouth. Swallowing it without a single bite. He knew he had to continue, the boy wouldn't let him stop. But it was too much food in too short a time, especially on an upset stomach. He started to feel even worse when he got about half. The boy just got up and brought the bowl up to the water. Leaving it in to soak.

He just pinched Xanders cheek for a second. "Good boy" was all he said before he headed up the stairs. He looked back one last time, put of the heater and turned out the light.

Xander was left staring at the darkness beneath him, dreading his fate. He managed to turn on his side and tried to catch his sleep. For some reason he felt too exhausted to even consider escaping.


"Time to rise and shine delicious."

Xander was a bit hazy when he woke up and looked his captor in the eye. 'Was this the moment that the kid would slaughter him?'

He got up slightly, leaning on his elbow as he did so.

"I'm off to work, but I felt I had to feed you a bit before I left."

Xander's heart beat faster as hope started filling it.

"Not to mention that you'll have to be marinated a bit." The boy took the bowl of soup and didn't even leave Xander a chance to say a word before he started stuffing him with the soup.

Xander felt himself liking it and ate it without questions. Not to mention the two ensuing bowls that he was given to eat on his own as the boy filled the tub again.

Not just with water this time. When Xander was finished with the food, the boy came with the syringe again. Xander sputtered. "You won't need that, really." he tried. "Won't to much of that stuff make me taste bad or something." The boy looked at him, checking him for sincerity. "It would." the kid finally said.

He pulled Xander's shackles loose from the table but put the syringe back to his captive's neck before Xander could even consider putting up a fight.

"Don't think I won't use this if you try anything."

Xander's head was kept pulled down, the syringe to his neck as he was led to the tub. He stared at the boy and stepped into the thick dark liquid inside. It gave away for his body, but felt slimy against his skin.

"It's nothing to worry about son. Just some berry juice to sweeten you up a bit."

Xander sat down, leaning up against the side of the tub, feeling ticklish all over his body. He wondered how the boy was planning to keep him in place. If the kid trusted on the shackles he might still have a chance to escape.

He shouldn't have wondered, the kid had apparently thought of everything. He took a long wooden plate and slid it in the side of the tub, it fit perfectly and was locked with some kind of combination code. Then he pushed Xander down deep enough so that only his head stuck out through a small hole at the top end. Xander could move his head through whenever he wanted, but that was about it.

Xander heard him put on something under the bathtub and he could feel warmth starting to spread through himself and the liquid he was bathed in.

The boy smiled, and started feeding Xander pieces of an apple. For vitamins he said. Then when he was finished he stuffed Xanders mouth with a candy cane, nearly choking him in the process.

"Just let your head soak in every once and awhile and you'll do just fine." Then he pushed Xanders head down to show him how, soaking the hair with the sticky red stuff. Xander sputtered in protest, but didn't try to come up before the boy let him. No matter how hard it got to breath. "I'll be back to check up on you in a few hours."

Xander watched him leave, suddenly worried about what would happen to him if the boy didn't come back. At first he just laid back, trying to find a comfortable position in the stuff, knowing he'd probably spend hours in it. The hardest thing was to keep the candy cane in his mouth. He knew for sure that if he lost the thing in the tub it would stick somewhere on his body, that he was sure he didn't want to have it.

He shifted a bit, trying to get his hands down to scratch his legs, like his head, those were unreachable. All he managed to do was go under, sputtering madly while trying to get the warm stuff out of his nose and mouth. His hair was soaked and stuck to his face; but the shackles were too tight for him to even try and get them away from his eyes. He simply couldn't get his hands up to his head that far.

The stuff tasted sweet and sharp at the same time. As if the boy had put some rum through the juice. Xander wouldn't think it beyond him. His eyes grew heavier with the minute, there had to be some kind of drug in the stuff as well. Since when had he been feeling so calm anyway? Since after the guy fed him this morning? No, it had been before that as well. A haze coming over him with every spoon the kid made him eat.

For some reason he didn't really mind. It made it easier to just lie there, waiting for his butcher to get home. His butcher. He couldn't help considering the word. Butcher, a person that kills, cuts up and sells animals for food. Only this time it wasn't an animal that would be killed and cut up. It would be him. He guessed he had to be in some kind of shock and if he were, he was entirely entitled to be thus. Too stunned to be horrified by what was happening to him. He caught himself almost looking forward to feedingtime and whatever the boy would give him to eat. Would he taste as good as that soup, maybe even better? Xander caught himself just in time. What was he thinking? Looking forward to the guy turning him into a gourmet meal, maybe even hoping for a bite? Was he going insane? He was supposed to be terrified, so why did he feel better than he'd had in years. Why didn't his body realize that he was just being sweetened up.

He kicked up against the plate holding him down, it didn't budge, not even an inch. He tried pushing it, his arms didn't reach long enough to put any force into it. He let himself fall down again, the juice splashed slightly over the edges of the plate. It slid under his shackles. He put his head down and started crying, his salty tears mixed nicely with the bittersweet berry juice.


It was the fourth day in the second week of July and Xander was getting used to the rhythm of his new life, as macabre as it were. If there were one thing he'd always been good at, it was adapting to circumstances. When his parents had another fight, when he found out about vampires and other beasties of the night, when Angel went evil. He'd always been good at going with the flow, letting it flow over him.

Sleep, eat, bathe, eat, sleep, eat, bathe again, eat, sleep and so on ...

A rhythm only interrupted by the kids regular massages, usually just before he went to bed. It was a sensation that Xander was almost looking forward to as much as to the meals. The boy might get way more intimate with him, than Xander ever wanted him to, but like the meals they were better than most of everything he'd ever had in his life.

He arched back slightly and moaned as the boys tongue tasted his erect shaft, softly nibbling on his balls, a constant risk that he'd get impatient and eat them right away. Xander moaned as he felt the boys tongue licking up the come that he gave out. He held a breath, fearing the boys reaction, remembering the last time he hadn't held in till the boy was able to keep the stuff in some kind of container. The boy had tied his cock up for over an hour, touching him, massaging it, making him as hard as he could, but absolutely refusing to let him release himself. He said there couldn't possibly be enough yet. When he finally let Xander go, the young man was almost shaking in relief. The boy let the sperm end up in a plastic container, before mixing it up with the meat pie that he made for Xander and himself. It happened a few more times till Xander was trained to hold in.

Now the boy just looked up, there was nothing but the shackles to cover Xanders flesh and hold him down. The young mans entire body was open to the kids careful inspection. Their eyes met and Xander could see his captors eyes and the hardness in the boys pants. He wanted him, not just to eat, even if only for a moment. Xander was all too happy to fulfill his every need and begged the boy to release himself on him.

The boy hesitated a second, as if a part of him felt disgusted by the idea of relieving himself with his food, but finally, slowly unbutttoned his pants. His intention to possess Xander in any way was clear in his every movement. Xander turned over on his stomach. The chains twisted his arms even closer to his chest, he didn't mind. The boy lifted him up slightly, moving the legs into position, chaining them up somewhat further apart, but still tight enough to offer just a limited space to move. He got up on the table and hunched over Xander.

As his meal moved closer to him, the boy picked up the butter he'd taken just moments before. His fingers softly entered Xander, opening him up for his shaft. Xander arched back as it hit the small canal, entering a space he'd never imagined to be big enough for anything like this. Every movement was ecstasy, Xander went along with the drum of the penetration, in, forward, out, back. Every shock made him moan softly, every hit against his prostate sent him harder. His own cock grew hard underneath him, he needed release as much as the boy did, but the practiced restraint kicked in. His body warning him of the pain that would follow if he lost even a drop of something coming from body. The boy wanted all of it, every single bit. Xander moaned of pain this time as the hard shaft left his body. It seemed to take an eternity for the kid to dress himself again and pay any attention to the man tied up to the plate. He seemed happy, patting Xander on the buttocks, letting him know that he was being good and holding a small plastic container in front of him. Xander let go at that moment. The white fluid coursing into the plastic.

Xander smelled it but couldn't see it until the boy pushed him over again. The shackles were brought back to their original position and Xander was left alone, slightly sticky. He was fascinated by the boys movements across the room, by the way he would take the flask and measuring it so that only an exact part of it ended up in the cooking pot. The rest of it was poured into the cup of hot choco that stood waiting for him in the microwave. He looked at it, seemingly missing something till he got back to Xander. By now the captive soon to be dinner knew what the boy wanted from him and held up his hand. After a short prick some deep red drops of blood joined the mixture inside the cup. His pleasure in the food was strangely satisfying to Xander, a clear sign that the kid wasn't tired of his taste quite yet.

A loud bang signaled the boys first work on the next meal. Xander didn't even flinch when he noticed the leg that the boy was cutting bits of. He just hummed along when the boy started whistling. "Tomorrow's the big day." the boy suddenly said. "I'll have to clean you up quickly so I can have your meat ready for my dad when he gets home. He's been traveling."

The boy took the knife and started rasping the meat into smaller pieces. He scowled at it for a second, but didn't stop his work, no matter his distaste at seeing how quickly the bone showed up. "I'll cut your throat with that knife over there." he stopped a second to point at one of the knives hanging on the wall. "I sharpened it up especially for you, so the cut will be as quick as possible. I promise you, the only thing you'll feel is a short pain and then nothing, oblivion." He put the meat in a frying pan and got up to Xander cupping up Xanders head, softly kissing him on the forehead. "It's the least I can do, seeing how considerate you've been towards me. Making things easy, being a good little boy. I wish all my meals went this graceful." he smiled a tad bit sad. "I'll miss you. But then parting is always a sweet sorrow is it not? Even if I do have the memory of your taste to stay with me for the rest of my life."

Xanders cheeks warmed up under the compliment.

"Then I'll gut you. I'll first take out your heart, so I can fry it while it's still warm. You've got a good heart so I doubt it'll need more than some pepper and oregano to spice it up just a wee bit."

Xander could almost feel a wave of disappointment come over him. Wasn't his meat good enough that the boy needed other stuff to make it edible? He was almost worried to end up in the soup. The boy stroked through his hair, almost reassuringly. "Don't worry son. You're nothing like that girl, you've got a sublime taste already, but even the best meat has to be worked on, you should know that by now." His fingers moved past Xanders cheek, touching the thick white flesh. "When that's stewing, I'll take your liver and mash it into a pastry. Your other intestines will probably end up as sausages."

Xander didn't even try and make the guy stop as he recited all the things he'd do to Xander after killing him. He couldn't help but feel the water flow in his mouth. He swallowed softly. The boy leaned on the table, resting on his elbows. His head hanging over Xanders. "It's thrilling isn't it? And I haven't even gotten to the best stuff." He pressed his finger on Xanders lips, opening them up. Xander opened wide, and instead of trying to pull back when the boy grabbed his tongue, he just stuck it out a bit further. "The plans I have with that sweet tongue of yours. It'll be a bit sharp, but when prepared just right... " Finally he let go of Xanders tongue. Xander pulled it back in with a moan of loss, as if he'd wanted the boy to go through with his plan now. "I'll take out your eyes, they're magnificent, but not for the kind of dish I'm planning. First I'll saw the head of your neck and take off the top part of the skull. By that time all I have to do is scoop up the brains and I'll have the perfect place for the filling. I'll smear those cheeks up with some butter so they'll go nice and brown when I put the head in the oven. The little gray matter you have I'll mix up with some peppers, tomatoes and so on to liven them up a bit. You have to admit, your brains were never your strong point."

Xander felt a bit ashamed at those words.

"If I stuff it just right I'll be able to use your nice looking head as a container and I'll close up your eyeholes with a pear in each. When I put that prepared tongue back in your mouth hole it'll be like a surprise treat for my dad. Simply delicious." He licked of his fingers at those words. It's going to be such a great centerpiece."

Xander couldn't believe the honor the kid was doing him. So why was part of him horrified at the words. He should be happy shouldn't he? Blake didn't just choose any loser for his food runs.

The boy picked up Xanders hand and brought it to his mouth, nibbling softly on the fingers. Xander didn't even screech as the boy bit through, releasing some drops of blood.


Xander woke up to the sensation of something streaking past his cheek. It was hard to wake up this day, he felt completely dazed but he had no idea why. All he knew was that it was his big day today. The greatest moment of his life. It was incredible to believe how in only so few a days his life had shifted to center on just one person. His master, his caretaker, and soon to be his butcher and cook. A smile filled his face as he imagined the look on Blake's fathers face when the man saw what his son had prepared for him. The trouble the boy had gone through for him. Too bad he wouldn't be able to see it.

The boy pinched him. "No moving son. I'm working on something." Xander kept his face still, still just happily lying there. The cold metal seemed to contain something warm and slippery. "I'm adding the butter already, so the blood will cake into it a bit as I cut your throat."

Xander wanted to nod that he understood, but didn't. Knowing Blake wouldn't appreciate it if he did. So he just opened his eyes only to see Blake pick up a can of flower. "Close your eyes delicious. Only for a second, this might sting otherwise." Xander obeyed, but barely felt the flower sticking to his skin. After that the boy moved the butter more and more down up to the point that he hit the shoulders.

"I'm in a doubt here son. Should I shave your hair off before or after I kill you." When Xander didn't answer, he just continued.
"After will be best. It'll be easier to work on when you're dead."

He moved his fingers through Xanders thick black locks. "I think I might keep them, I need some more hair to stuff my favorite pillow."

Xander barely even tried to look up as the boy moved away from him, he just laid there in a delighted daze, happy with anything that was happening to him. The boy lifted the knife, bringing it closer and closer. Xander just smiled and opened up his throat for the kill.

For a moment he saw the white of the blade and voices started singing in his head.

"Wake up!" they sang. Xander didn't care. "Wake up!" it was as if he recognized the voices. But who did a loser like he knew anyway. "Xander he's killing you." the voices inside of him called. He saw into a darkness that was barely on the edge of awareness. Two girls, and a man were yelling at him, warning him, but for what?

He was happy, he'd finally found his purpose in life. He was going to be the main dish for crying out loud.

"You can't give up." the blond shimmer told him. "You're more than this Xander."

"You can't just give up like this." the redhead suddenly whispered with a determination that he didn't dare face.

He tried but her eyes looked at him and he remembered a name. "Willow."

"Are you just going to lay there and let him gut you?" A voice suddenly said in a rather hard tone. A girl, her hands on her hips. "To think that I used to love a loser like you. The Xander I fell in love with, the Xander that saved me from an entire horde of women, ready to kill me for breaking up with him, that Xander would never just lie there."

"Cordy." he wanted to touch her but she disappeared.

"Wake up Xander, wake up."

Xander looked up and faced Blake in the eyes. He was still half dazed but for the first time in days he saw his situation for what it was. A rush of adrenalin ran through him and he pulled up. His hands were free, the boy had probably thought that he wouldn't be a problem anymore, he'd soon be dead anyway. He hit the boy in the chest and made a run for it. He raced up to the door, shaking slightly from his lack of movements and the drugs aftereffects.

The boy tried to grab his feet, just as he got up the stairs. "I am not some kind of happy meal." He shouted as he kicked the boy down the stairs, "I am Xander Harris, a human being and I am not your son." He pulled open the door and ran into the room.

There was a lock on the front door. Xander rammed into it, it didn't help. His shoulder stung from hitting the hard wood bare naked.

The boy came racing up the stairs after him. "Ungrateful fool." the boy hissed.

Xander started looking around, hoping for something, anything to help him to get away.The boy was holding a huge butchers knife. Xander gasped in fear. "Oh god no ..." he wanted to say something, begging for forgiveness even. But then his eyes caught something on the edge of his sight. He let himself fall to the left, grabbing for the gun as he did so.

"I'll use it." he whispered, his voice slightly hoarse. "Don't come closer I'll use this."

The boy smiled and approached anyway.

No one was as surprised as Xander when the gun actually went of. He didn't even wait to see what had happened and tried the door again. Finally taking the time to undo the lock. It jumped open and he fell out. He didn't care about what he was wearing. (well what he was not wearing actually), all he wanted was to get away and fast.

It took less than ten minutes for him to run into a cop. And to be arrested for indecent exposure. For some reason Xander didn't really mind.


Xander was shaking in the back of the police car, wearing little more than an orange overall and one of the deputies coats. He was waiting , terrified, what if they just handed him back to Blake? What if ... One of the men came back out and started throwing up in the bushes next to the driveway. The others could barely look at him when they came out.

"Get him to the station and give him some clothes." the sherif muttered as he came out, his face pale as a corpse. They almost fought to be the one to get away from the scene.


Blake stood watching from the back, far enough to be out of sight. He licked his lips at the sight of his prey, looking so vulnerable in way to big clothes.

Sooner or later that tasty little morcel would be his again. Cause no one got away, not for long anyway.

"Relax all you want delicious, but I will have you. Have no doubt."

He grinned, his eyes never fading from Xander.


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