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Fic: Puppy love (Dawn/oc, Spike, Xander)

This is a fic Amalthea and I wrote a few years ago, back in the summer before season six I think it was
I was going through my old fics and I thought you might like to see this one.

Title: Puppy Love
Author: Amalthea and Lore
Notes: this is a tinsy weansy crossover with World of Darkness, if you recognize who Cain is, you got the full extent of the crossover
Summary: Dawn has a date, Spike and Xander get involved
Pairing: Dawn/Cain, Buffy/Spike-mention, Xander/Anya-mention

The night was cold and hard as a dark shadow entered town. It wasn't a light shadow by any sorts, it was one of those million below zero kinda shadows the kind that scares even the scary things.

Now this shadow he was holding a cigarette to his pouting lips, pulling in the smoke. Till he started puffing out the smoke and threw the cigarette to the ground in anger. Stomping on it a few times for good measure.

Cain son of Lilith, first of vampires, most ancient of the old ones, dark beast of the night and father of darkness still had a bit of a tough spot where smoking were concerned. If only it didn't look so cool.

He kneeled down to tie his shoes, not to tight, but just fine to look his best and straightened up again.
He had a pretty good view over the small town of Sunnydale from over the cliff. Dozens of sleeping humans, none of them aware of the dark threat about to overcome them.

Not that he'd kill any of them.
Who was he kidding? He hadn't fed on a human in centuries. It was just fun to imagine it that way and way easier to do than see himself as the lanky teenager he really looked like.

Not that he looked bad or anything.
He knew he looked good; well he hadn't seen his mirror image in well ... He'd never seen his mirror image; mirrors hadn't been invented when he'd still been human, but he could imagine that he had to look good.

His pure white hair was cut short to his head, standing up in short spikes that didn't even need hair gel to stay up straight. One of the advantages of controlling the dark forces.

"Sunnydale here I come."
He smirked as he stepped on his mountain bike and started trapping his way down the hill.


Spike grinned as he laid down the cards

"Full house, read them and weep mate."
He smirked his evillest smirk as he gave himself another shot of whiskey. He'd tried the somewhat evil smirk and the kinda naughty smirk already before. But this hand was really worthy of the truly evil smirk.

Xander's head dropped on the table.
"There go those ice swans for the wedding."
Spike could hear him mutter.

The dangerous master vampire grinned in pleasure as his human playing partner grabbed for the bottle of whiskey without even looking at it.
The whelp had been drinking all through the night and it had
definitely not helped his playing skills, well he'd been drinking mostly soda and some of that yellow stuff, but he'd been drinking and that was what mattered right?

"Oh come on mate. No need to be so upset. I mean what could the demon
chick possibly do to you..."
Spike found it in himself to turn his evil smirk up a few more notches as he said that. Yes, he still had it in him.

Xanders head hit the table with a loud bash.

"Besides never have sex again
Or mutilate you or call one of her vengeance demon friends or ...
Hey didn't I see that chit Halfrek come by yesterday?"

A new groan sounded from the mess on the table before its head hit
the table again. Was that a dent?

"Don't start, she and Anya are probably still talking about what shit
I am and why she should just disembowel me instead of the whole
marriage deal."
He nearly hit his head on the table again. Instead he just looked at
Spike, as if he were wondering if he could knock himself unconscious.

"Hey stop that, Buffy and I need to have sex on that table."

Xander's face wrinkled in fake disgust.
"I so did not need that image."
Well, allright, maybe not entirely fake.

"Oh come on, how bad can it be?"
The whelp gave him a disbelieving glare. Spike couldn't blame him.
Those vengeance demons gave him cold shivers and he wasn't even on
their bad list.

"Oh well, I can share the misery when Buffy finds out you let out
about the sex on the kitchen table. Your ass is going to be so
dusted ..."

Now Spike was about ready to make a dent of his own.

"You wouldn't." Spike pleaded. "I trusted you."
The whelp just grinned, ready to start in on the next round when the
door bounced open and lookey here, Dawn appeared.

The kid was round out glowing. Not giving off light, glowing, but rosy cheeks, eyes that felt like glittering. Something was most
definitely wrong. He could smell it about her. A scent that she was way too young to have. No way, she could not be seeing boys before she was well over forty and even then ...

"Spike you have to help me"

He leaned back in his chair, laid down his cards on the table, backs
on top and gave her his best brotherly look.

"What's wrong pet, someone hurt you? If they did... ill rip out their

Dawn took a step back, and grabbed a new breath.
"No no ripping of lungs, or throats or ...
I just met this great guy and I don't want Buffy to freak if she
finds out I'm on a date."

Dawn, date. Both Spike and Xander shot up at those words, looking at
her in a glance of pure terror.


Cain son of Lilith, first of vampires, most ancient of the old ones,
dark beast of the night and father of darkness floated up in the air,
literally. He flapped his hands a few times, up and down and up again. Making a summersault, a twister, a few...

He yelled out his happiness and drew a picture of the girl of his
dreams up in the sky. Her beautiful hair, her eyes like diamonds, her
face that of an angel ...

She was perfect.
The way she walked was perfect, the way she talked, the way she held
silence in between her words...
He was in love and it glowed in his long dead brown eyes.

He drew some flowers over the clouds and grabbed them as soon as they
materialized. But even these perfect black roses made of shadows,
faded in the face of her beauty.

Dawn, even her name was magnificent.

"She loves me, she loves me not..."

Some vampires stared at the young looking boy as he plucked of petals
from one of the shadow roses. One of them licked his lips in anticipation as he took a step forwards. The others surrounded him from the other sides.

"She loves me she loves me not"

His mantra wasn't stopped and the vampires seemed annoyed that he
didn't pay them any attention.

One of them put his hands on Cain, trying to stop his motion. It was
then that Cain looked up, turning his eyes to his many times

The vampire only took one look of the age in those eyes that turned
momentarily yellow and took off, the others only needed a few more

"She loves me, she loves me not. She loves me."
And he held the last petal in his hands as he continued up the path
to his true loves house.


Spike loomed over Dawn in as threatening a way as he could manage.

"You are so not dating"

"Yes I am." She set down her foot in a way that was almost in perfect
imitation of Buffy.

"Over my dead body."

"I am and you're not the dad of me and ... And Buffy isn't even here,
so she doesn't even have to know."
Dawn ran up the stairs without granting him another look.

Xander snickered, "gee aren't you the smooth talker"
Spike just glared at the whelp and got ready to go after Dawn. He
groaned as he felt Xanders hand on his shoulder.

"Look, why don't we just wait for the boy, give him a good scare.
Believe me... I remember meeting Cordelia's dad when 'we' first
started dating. It'll have much more effect than any rant against
Dawn ever will."

Spike was nearly salivating at that thought.
His face went to game face and he licked his lips.
"Like this." he asked, sounding almost perfectly innocent.
"I think I can start to like your way of thinking."
He continued as Xander smiled at that.
"But if I ever hear you repeat that to anyone, chip or no chip, I'm
ripping your throat out."


Cain whistled softly before pressing the bell. He was wearing a nice
leather coat over his blue jeans and Yankees baseball shirt.
Hey, oldest of the first ones here, who was to tell him what was in
style and what wasn't.
He didn't follow fashion, he set it and he just happened to like the
Not to mention that his mother didn't like him to accessorize in
nothing but black, it set her off.

He pulled the coat straight, checked if his sneakers were tied, bit
his lip with fine white vampire teeth and rang the bell.

The door was opened by a young man, seemingly a bit dull with dark
hair and deep brown eyes. Cain gave him a killer grin. Well not
really one that killed, cause nothing sets a worse impression than
killing your loves family. But a really nice grin nonetheless.

The human just glared at him
Cain let his grin falter and offered the man his hand.
"Uhm hello, I'm here for Dawn."
He could feel himself almost blush under the humans persistent glare.
Gods why didn't this get easier with time.

"Can I come in?"
He didn't really need to bother with an invitation, an advantage of
age, but politeness had never harmed anyone. Even if that someone was
an millennia old vampire who'd tested out lying in the sun for a few
hours before the first bit of fizzling even started up. And he'd
touched holy objects lots of times. No effect whatsoever... Well
except for that one time when he'd burned up that shroud thing with
the imprint of Christ on it. But that didn't count. And he had been
able to make a near perfect copy hadn't he?

He was a very very old vampire and he shouldn't be bothered by some
lame ass human, but then ... why again couldn't he keep a small
stutter out of his voice?

The door opened wide and Cain crossed the threshold, slowly
manipulating the old wards surrounding the house and strengthening
them somewhat as he passed through.

There was a vampire sitting in front of the television, watching
Passions. That show was so lame.

The vampire turned to him and Cain didn't even bother wondering why
there was a vampire being allowed in Dawns house. He was too nervous
under the shared glares of the human and the vampire.

Cain stayed rooted in place. He dared look up the stairs for a
second. Ready to await his radiating beauty. But the two males, the
human and the vampires nearly made his heart beating again.
He checked his camouflage again, making sure the vampire wouldn't
notice his lack of heartbeat or human scent.

"I'm Xander Harris. A very good friend of Dawns. The pale blond guy
overthere is Spike. He also likes Dawn a great deal. So tell me boy,
what's your plans with our friend?"

Cain swallowed and fidgeted on his collar, not easy to do considering
the flowers he held in his hand.

"We're just ..."

"Speak up boy. I think I'm getting interested."
The vampires tone was low and icy.

The father of vampires nearly incinerated him, instead he fidgeted
some more, holding back on world annihilation and thinking of Dawn
who was upstairs waiting for him.


Spike grinned under his glare. He hadn't had this much fun since he'd
scared the three geeks out of Sunnydale after they tried to mess with
his chip.

Dawns head came peeping from her room, she smiled as she saw the boy.
"I'll be there in a second. Spike please don't scare Cain away."
the last words were whispered, so only a vampire would have heard
them, but for some reason the boys lips almost twitched up in a grin.

Spike turned to him, letting his game face erupt in its full fangy

"Take this as your one and only warning mate. If anything happens to
hurt the Nibblet, if I smell proof of even one tear, they'll be
finding parts of you for weeks afterwards."

The boy seemed to have more of a backbone, than Spike would have
given him credit for and didn't even seem to consider running. Well
maybe he was just lacking any sort of brain or common sense. But
still ... he didn't run from danger, one point in his advantage.

That was the moment that Dawn made her entrance. The bit looked
stunning. The boy Cain was looking at her. His eyes looking at her in
that sick way that teenage boys tended to have. All lusty and wrong.
And all too inviting of wrong feelings.
Not to mention bad touching.

And shouldn't the bit be wearing a dress a bit more closed up, maybe
some kind of turtleneck sweater and a longer dress, that didn't show
her legs, any part of them.

She smiled at the little twerp and his eyes lit up like the thousand
eyes of a Mussini demon at the smell of blood.

Spike wrung his wrists and it seemed that Xander had almost as much
trouble staying in place.

"Ten a clock Nibblet."
Dawn tried to give him her puppy dog look, he didn't give in.
"Don't make us come with the search party."

The bit pouted, but she didn't try to say another word. The twerp
held the door open for her and led her out. It was just a date. And
Dawn wasn't a baby. But damn it ... she was way too young. And no way
in hell was that bastard gonna put his lips on her, or his hands
or ...

"Come on Monkey boy. We've got surveillance duty."

Xander just looked at him with the same kind of seriousness that was
probably in his own eyes.
"So I'm thinking, a 10 min head start?"

"Nah. Five minutes should do the trick."
He counted off the seconds and at the exact time they both picked up
their coats and went out the door.


Cain let his hand touch hers, as he stared into the mirror to her
soul. His heart beat for a second as she blushed under the light

He could feel his blood warm up, just by being in her presence.
She smiled and he couldn't stop the corners of his lips from
following. He didn't want to.
He could feel anything for miles around him, but right now all he was
seeing was Dawn, all he could do was be with her and listen to her
every single breath.

He took her in a dance in the dark evening, following the rhythm of
her heartbeat as they followed the path.
He was aware of everything really, yet still he noticed the slippery
spot of grass. Dawn slipped from his arms and she ended up sprawled
on the ground.

"Stupid platform shoes. Now I know why Buffy never wears those things
when she goes out on patrol."
His love smiled that sweet innocence that had made him first notice
He could feel his blood warm up, just by being in her presence.

He got down next to her, ready to help her up. Their eyes met and he
kneeled over her, ready to kiss her. She seemed uncomfortable for a
second and closed her eyes.
He wanted to tell her he wouldn't do anything she didn't want him to
when something came running at them from the bushes behind them. It
sounded like a dog growling to defend his territory.

Cain dropped his human guise and stood up in the pure darkness that
surrounded his essence. His eyes glowed yellow and he held out his
hand ready to defend Dawn at all costs.
A dark opal surrounded his love, protecting her from all harm as he
stared at the vampire that his powers held up in the air.

"Mister Spike?"

He let the vampire down and lowered the shield around Dawn.
The vampire growled at him, it was a low grumble that sounded as
inhuman as the demon that inhabited him.
Cain just stared at him, his eyes still glowing, his fangs still
clear even as Dawns human guardian came out of the shadows as well.

The vampire was bowed over, having landed on hands and feet it was
still crouched down, ready to jump at him on a moments notice.
Dawn backed off, she was almost hesitating between him and her

"Dawn? I'd never harm you, you know that."
She took back another step.
He wanted to go after her when something appeared in front of them.

"Oh come on mom. It isn't even over five."
He let out a groan as he said that.
But his mother wouldn't let him get away with it, she just glared at
He moaned the word when she started insulting him in the oldest
language in the world. Her dark black skin contrasted heavily with
the white paint covering her body.

"I am not a child."

The vampire seemed to be about to say something, but Cain could feel
his mother didn't care.

"I am 19.000 years old for crying out loud. I can damn well look
after myself."

His mother started another tirade.

"She's 15, she's not a baby. You didn't say anything against me
dating 12 year olds a few centuries ago..."

That seemed to be the exact wrong thing to say as his mother grabbed him up by his ear. Her claws stinging at his ear.

Did she have to humiliate him?
He gave one last forlorn look at Dawn.
"Next week, same time." he could hear her whisper, it brought a grin on his face.

Both guardians groaned and Cain couldn't help but grin as his mother pulled him through the portal even as he heard the vampires last word to his love.

"You are not dating ever again."

But Dawn just grinned and because of that, so could he.

The end

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