Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Just read the B/A Ship manifesto by Ducks

B/A ship manifesto

And this is the reaction I wish I could give.
Problem being, if I did post it there, I'd consider it flaming and that's really not what that community is about.
So just posting it here for my own sake and so I don't get tempted into responding ;-)

Hmmm, interesting, even if I do disagree with almost all of this*eg*

I guess my main problem is that I see B/A from Buffy's pov. (don't really like Angel) And from that pov, I just don't see them fit together. They're too alike to ever be a lasting couple. Because they'd both either have to diminish a part of themselves to be together or fight a constant struggle for control.

That, and I don't think Angel would like the real Buffy and Buffy would get a major shock if she were ever faced with the real rather pragmatic, able to do evil to accomplish his goals Angel.

They're both just so much darker than the other realizes and since Buffy only sees Angel as her childhood's dark knight and Angel sees Buffy as an ideolized innocent version of Darla. They'd both end up severely scaring one another.

Buffy is a dream to Angel, and Angel to Buffy an image, not a real person, and that's one of the biggest reasons why they'd never ever work as a couple.
The only way they could ever keep loving one another, is basically by having them stay apart, allowing them to retain their illusions about the other...

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