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Fic: Dominion(1/1)

Author:Law and Lore
Summary:Angel regains his dominance
Note: S5 AU after 'You're Welcome', 2nd in the Submission series

Wesley sat behind his desk, watching Spike run back and from Angel's office, carrying pens, cups, whatever Angel's twisted mind could think off. It seemed the older vampire had found his pleasure in sending Spike on the most meaningless assignments. Nothing special there, unless you counted the fact that all the younger vampire was allowed to wear was a collar and an apron. And not even one that covered his chest. Angel was enjoying the look of the younger vampire's ass and calves and Wes had to agree, they were something to look at.

He shrugged it off. And to think it was all his own fault.

He'd been so sure that lowering Angel's sexual inhibitions would lead to Angel finally choosing for him. He hadn't even thought of Spike stepping in and taking the the place that was supposed to be his. Nor had he ever even considered that either Angel or Spike would let things go this far. And now he had to sit here, holding in his frustrations while the bleached menace got to play daddy with Angel. Wes hadn't even thought it would last this long, he hadn't thought that with the spell on, angel would have been able to wait for more than a week. Turns out, it had been months before he did fall.

Wesley's hand moved to his trousers, watching Angel pet Spike on the head, moving those strong fingers under the younger vampire's apron, inspecting something underneath it before he cupped his ass and grabbed him closer. Wes was convinced Angel's wink was aimed at him. It could have been a more blinking for the light, but Wes chose to believe that wasn't so...
God this was not what he'd signed on for when Lilah told him about the spell.

Wes stroked himself through his trousers as he watched Angel play with Spike. The look of ecstasy on the younger vampire's face was enough to make Wes want to shove the vampire aside and claim Angel for his own. Angel finally got up, shoving Spike to the floor, one foot standing on his bare buttocks while he bent over to the blond's ear. Wesley couldn't hear what he was saying, not that he cared, too caught by the sight of Angel's ass under those tight leather pants.

Wesley rubbed his growing bulge as he watched Angel's perfect ass. He briefly wondered if the vampires could smell his arousal, but decided he'd rather not know. He finally looked up to see Spike crawling his way, the white apron hanging over the floor, his head bowed down. Wesley ignored him to stare at Angel; Angel kept to his seat, behind his desk. Wesley got up to the door, refusing Angel's pet invitation in his private zone.
Desperately staring at the vampire coming for him, all too eager to find what it could possibly be that Angel saw in him. Was it the muscles in that back or those thighs holding him up in elegance even now. Those eyes, now turned to the ground. Logically, he knew that Angel and Spike must know he was watching, but as long as they were willing to show off their personal lives, he didn't see what was wrong in a bit of scientific interest in the subject..

"The wanker wants to see you in his office"
Spike's words seemed utterly at odds with his otherwise submissive posture. Wesley wondered why Angel permitted it. The older vampire was probably too smitten with his offspring to keep him in hand.

Ignoring Spike, Wes walked into the CEO office with his head held high. "You wanted to see me?"
Angel sat behind his desk, a small remote in his hands. Wesley stood in front of him and noticed that Angel's eyes were caught at the bulge in his pants.
Wes wasn't phased by Angel's line of vision.
"I assumed you had something to tell me?"


The door behind him closed and Wes could see Spike crawl up to Angel. Taking a closer look he noticed something sticking out from between the vampire's buttocks.
"I'm having a bit of a ... problem that I was hoping you could help me with."
Spike sat down at Angel's feet, legs together in front of him, as if covering in false modesty.

Wesley smiled politely, a slight bit too standoffish perhaps...
"I'm sure Spike can take care of any problems you have, Angel."

Angel chuckled.
"Normally he could. If he weren't part of the problem."
Angel glared at Spike like a disapproving father would at a naughty child. Understanding, yet unable to let the bad behavior stand.

"Well I'm convinced you're more than capable of giving him a proper spanking." Wes half joked as he headed for the door. Remembering the sounds coming from Angel's office earlier that day. Spike's screams, instantly muffled and then just a rhythmic sound of wood hitting flesh.

Angel stepped in front of him.
"Oh I have Wes, but it's all for naught. Such a stubborn boy." He sighed in disappointment.
"You see," he leaned a bit closer to Wes, as if to take the Watcher in his confidence.
"Spike here doesn't understand the concept of sharing. He just doesn't get that occasionally, I like to share my toys with my friends."

He inched even closer, his lips nearly touching Wes'
"That's.... bad" was all that Wes managed to say.
"Who would you be sharing your toys with?" Wes managed to throw out. "I'm sure there'll be a lot of ... interest."

Angel grinned, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. "Oh, I bet there would be." He said, as his hand groped Wes' shoulder. So near and yet so far.
Wes moaned a bit taken back with Angel's invasion of his personal space.
"I decided on you though. Think you'd be interested in helping me teach Spike the fun in sharing?"

Wes was surprised, but eager. "I could give it a try." Wes smiled. "What toy is it, exactly?"
His hopes getting up at the thought of sharing something with Angel.

"It's a surprise." Angel was smiling. "You'll see when you get to my rooms, say later today?"
Wes nodded automatically. "Of course, I'll be there."
He didn't bother to think about Spike's wince at his agreement. Nor did he care about the young vampire sunken look. Feeling slightly awkward, Wes simply turned on his heels, and left, abandoning the two vampires to their own convoluted pleasures..


Angel leaned back in his seat and ran his fingers through Spike's hair, flipping the remote-controlled vibrator on again. "Who's daddy's good boy?"
Spike trembled as the vibrator hit the spot over and over again. Melting under Angel's eyes and wanting to beg his sire to change his mind. Just the thought of being touched by someone other than Angel was a horror; the reality of it was even worse.

Angel easily lifted Spike up off the floor, and onto his lap, bouncing his boy slightly on his knee.
"I'll be there with you, don't worry. Just concentrate on making your Sire happy."
His zipper was already open and Spike could feel the hard cock brushing against his ass as Angel's knee bopped up and down.
"Ride me boy. And I might, just might, let you come after Wesley's finished."
Spike lifted up immediately, Angel reached behind him and pulled the vibrator out, dumping it on the desk with less important matters, contracts and big deals, while Spike sat down on his cock, forcing the large organ into the younger vampire's body.

Angel just sat there, letting Spike do all the work, Spike obediently moved his body up and down, taking on the task of bring his Sire off.
"Sire, please...I've been good..."

"I told you boy, be good to Wesley, and I might might just consider letting you come."
Spike gasped with the final thrust as Angel finally started participating.
"You've been very naughty lately."
Naughty? Angel had wanted him to suck off half the boys of accounting, see it as their bonus for overwork. Spike had refused, trying to run out of the room. Angel then knocked him out, tied him up and set him ready for the demons to release themselves in. Spike had spent the next few hours in a shower, gaining even more of Angel's anger. Angel had wanted to smell those other's come on him, especially after killing them.
He couldn't have anyone working for him that had been leering at 'his boy' after all.

Spike whimpered, still fucking himself on Angel's cock. "I be good, Sire." He whispered.

Angel just smiled, pushing his fingers in between Spike's lips. Spike obediently and happily fucked himself on Angel's cock while eagerly sucking on his sire's fingers. "Sire, god Sire!"
But Angel still refused to come, wanting more and more. Spike screamed around Angel's fingers as he fucked himself as hard as he could, desperate by now. Desperate to finish this, desperate for peace and desperate for more of the same. Angel finally pushed him off, coming all over his back.
Spike sighed happily. "Sorry, Sire." Spike apologized.

"You should know better than to say no Spike. You're damn lucky I'm still willing to keep you after that."

Spike looked up at Angel, rejected. "I...I don't...I want to make you happy, Sire."

"Just do what I say Spike. I know what's best for you, what you need."

"But I only want to be with you." Spike whispered, pressing his head against Angel's chest.

"Silly silly boy."

Spike whimpered, clutching at Angel's chest. "Only you, Sire." He whispered.

"Such a foolish boy. Too stupid to understand that your sire knows what's best for you, what you need. Don't try to think boy, it'll only make your insipid little brain hurt."

Spike stared up at his sire, twisted in between wanting his sire to just shut up, he wasn't an idiot and knew quite well what he wanted; and the fear that his sire would cast him out again if he did. Angel petted his head, lifting his chin.

"You just be a good boy for Wesley later, and you'll have the chance to come. That sound good?"
No it didn't. Spike didn't want Wesley, the ponce smelled wrong, angry every time he looked at him. But he nodded, he needed to keep his sire happy. He just had to.

Angel petted Spike heavily, smiling.
"That's a good boy. Now, put the vibrator back in. Daddy knows how much you're longing for it."
Spike just stared at him before rolling his eyes as he grabbed the literal pain in his ass. He slowly settled it in, expecting Angel to start playing with the remote, just as he was about half. Angel had a bad habit of doing that, luckily for him, this once, Angel left him in peace .

Angel smiled and slapped the base of the vibrator. "Such a good little whore for your Sire."
It shot forward for a few inches and Spike nearly screamed in pain. Ready to beg for more at the same time.

Angel grinned, took the apron Spike had been wearing and hid it in his drawer.
"You're not leaving the office or the apartment today, so you don't need any clothes."
Angel sent him upstairs, to prepare himself. His sire enjoyed the idea that he would do whatever he told him, even without supervision. As if he didn't know all too well about the cameras spread all over the apartment.


Angel watched the cameras eagerly, watching his Childe pull the vibrator out and generously prepare himself for the afternoon to come. He had the camera take a close up of his boy with his legs wide open lying on the bed. He considered punishing him for that, Spike knew better than to get lube on the covers.

He returned his attentions to his work, all too eager to get it over with so that he could go take care of more important matters. It took him hours to finish up, having to retype several contracts and getting them resigned because he'd gotten come over them was not a good way to get work done. Spike would have to be punished for that as well. He smiled when he entered his room. His little angel was lying down on the bed, the vibrator back in his ass, where it belonged. He could hear soft breathing coming from his sleeping boy, such an innocent, even now, unaware, sucking his thumb.

Angel quickly helped him out of that, activating the vibrator and watching his boy's shocked response as he cringed together, holding on for sweet life, shivering while the vibrations ran through him. Angel just shook his head, grabbing a pair of leather cuffs. He'd had them enchanted in the firm, so now even a Slayer wouldn't be able to break out of them, let out Spike.
"Inspection Spike."
His boy got up as taught, spread his legs, face turned towards the bed and put his hands behind his head.

Angel handcuffed Spike's hands where they were, knowing it was uncomfortable, yet not even remotely caring.. His hands traveled up and down Spike's hairless chest approvingly. "You're doing good, boy." He murmured, before his fingers moved up to Spike's mouth. "You could do to suck more cock though, like a good little whore."

"Whatever. Sire."

Angel slapped Spike's ass hard. "No fucking backchat, boy. Apologize."

Angel slapped him again.
"I apologize?"
Another slap, to his head this time.
"I'm sorry for being disrespectful."
That at least was a slight improvement, he left it at a slap to the cheek again, his hand brushing in between his boys cheeks, checking them for cleanliness. Spike grumbled under his touch, probably still worrying about the small watertank waiting for him in the bathroom.

Angel smiled wickedly, his fingers still in between Spike's ass crack, digging ever deeper.
" he'll come today, and fuck you three ways from Sunday, you've got no choice in that. But for every time you're rude to me, I'll find someone else in this building to put their hands on you, work their way inside you and come on you." Angel's hands slid lower, towards his hole, spreading the cheeks as far as two fingers could get them. "So be a good little boy."
Spike shivered, starting to beg, but Angel wouldn't let him, gently placing a finger of his other hand on his boy's lips. Standing behind him, holding him in place between his hands, his leather pants scraping against Spike's bare flesh. Leaving him to expect a hundred things or more, he gave him a kiss instead.
"You'd better be a good boy Spike, so I don't have to kill everyone who fucks you."

"Yes sire." This time with more appropriate respect in his tone.

Angel let go and sat down in a chair, making himself comfortable and opening his pants. They had a few more hours before Wesley would be here and he was going to use them well. After all, Spike did need a refresher course in giving blowjobs. His boy had roamed free, hanging around women for way too long, it was time he relearned what real men were like.
Spike kneeled before him and Angel opened up wider to leave him more space to do his work.
"I want you to pull out all the stops for dear old Wes? I don't want him thinking I have crappy toys."
Spike just filled his mouth to keep himself from answering.

"Such a good boy." Angel moaned. "Wes is going to love fucking that tight little ass of yours."
Angel pulled Spike's head closer towards him, forcing himself deeper into his boys throat. He didn't care about tearing or pain. Not like Spike wouldn't heal and to have him shut up for a few hours would be a blessing.

It didn't take long for Angel to pull out of Spike's mouth and come over his Childe's face.
"That's my good little whore." Angel muttered.

"Angel." his name came from Spike's broken lips. Angel grabbed him closer, so much work and so little time.

"Maybe I should give you a good hard spanking, just to warm you up a wee bit, get you hot and bothered so Wes won't even have to worry about a thing?" Angel growled.


By the time Wesley entered the apartment, Angel had taken place in a nice big lounging chair, still in leather, smelling of sex. Wesley wasn't sure what to do, but then he saw the bed, or more specifically, who was on the bed.
Spike was chained up, his hands tied to his legs, doubling him up so that his ass was high in the air while his head was tied to his knees. A gag was keeping his mouth wide open, leaving plenty of place in between for ... something broad to be inserted.

Angel put down the book he had been reading, and smiled up at Wes.
"He's been waiting like that for two hours, all ripe and ready. Poor little whore is so sad without a cock in his ass."

Wesley gulped, almost choking. Did Angel really expect him to do this? And of course the vampire did. He got closer, touching Spike's skin, pretending not to be thinking of Angel while he did so.

Angel chuckled from his seat.
"He'll do anything you want. Any kink or fantasy you've been itching to try out."

"Anything?" Wes was too much in shock to wonder about Spike's willing participation in this. He'd known Spike was evil, he'd just never guessed what a bad influence the younger vampire would have on his normally more reputable grandsire.

"Anything at all." Angel confirmed.
Wesley stood frozen, unsure what to do; caught between Angel's gaze on him as he touched Spike, and knowing Spike wasn't whom he wanted.
Angel appeared so innocent, so unaware of the perversity in front of him.
"Something wrong, Wes? Spike can't stand not having a dick in his ass for much longer, he's such a slut."

Wesley noticed several toys spread on the bed next to Spike. Beads, dildo's, vibrators, ... Spike sat still, shivering slightly under his touch. Wesley grabbed the pearl beads and pushed the first one into Spike's welcoming hole, continuing till the last bead was hidden inside. Spike moaned in discomfort, but Wesley decided not to bother with that. If this was what Angel wanted, then he might as well punish the little bastard for stealing Angel's attention away from him.
Angel stroked himself through his pants, and decided to take a more active role. "Take the paddle and spank him, Wes."
Wes obeyed within an instant, picking one of the paddles, the one with the little ridges on one side, and used it on Spike's cheek. Softly at worst, he spent a few seconds inspecting the pattern the paddle left behind.

"Harder." Angel commanded. "Spike loves it."
It didn't look that way from where Wesley was sitting, but he didn't care one way or another what Spike did or did not like. He started a pattern of hits, up, down, below, to the left until Spike's ass was as red as the rubber on the paddle he was holding. Spike stayed silent throughout it all. Though Wesley knew all too well how little that was of the blonds own choosing.

Angel unzipped his pants and began to openly stroke his cock.
"Wes, untie him. You want to play with him, you do exactly what I say at all times, understand?"
Wes nodded and touched the chains holding Spike down, first the ones that tied his hands to his back, and from there to manacles on his feet.
After that he released the chain going from Spike's collar to his cockring that had been pulling his head down between his knees.

Angel couldn't help but smile. "Wes, boy, are you a top or a bottom?"

"Both, I generally top though, why?"
Wesley looked at him, not sure what Angel wanted.

Angel shrugged. "I'm debating whether to let you top Spike, or let Spike top you."

Wesley lifted his face.
"Left with the choice, I'd rather top. If it's all the same to you of course." A watcher's signature politeness mattered even now in this of all acts.
No way was he going to let the younger vampire top him. Not in this lifetime.

Angel nodded his silent understanding, a smile on his face.
"For now, but I will always give the orders here."

"Of course." He had never expected anything less.

Angel gestured for Wesley to go ahead. "He's all yours."

Spike had remained in the same position that he'd been put in while tied up. The only thing that was different was the amount of his trembling. It seemed like the blond was scared as hell, but Angel clearly didn't care.
Wesley placed one hand on Spike's left cheek and slowly pushed his fingers inside Spike's hole until he managed to catch the pearly beads inside, they came out one by one. Pulled by a string he was still holding They'd gone from bigger to smaller as he'd pushed them in, now they struggled as they were pulled the opposite way back up.

Angel noticed Spike's trembling immediately, and quickly made his way to his Childe, shoving Wesley out of the way. He wrapped his arms around Spike's smaller frame and whispered softly. "You're a good boy, Daddy is so proud of you. Daddy's gonna give you a big reward later."
Wesley stared at Angel, somewhat surprised at his reaction.
Angel licked at Spike's ear. "Speak to Daddy, baby."
Words and kindness to someone who couldn't talk back anyway. The gag was still in Spike's mouth.
Angel sighed and roughly pulled the gag away. Stroking Spike's face, he whispered tenderly
"Tell Daddy what's wrong."

Spike seemed in pain, unsure what to answer. Wesley flashed back to his own father, who had used remarkably similar words, in very similar conditions.
It was something he didn't much care to remember.

Angel kissed Spike softly. "Come on, baby. Tell Daddy what's wrong and he'll make it all better. It's what Daddies do, remember?"

"Don't want him daddy, I want you."
Angel stroked Spike's forehead and kissed him roughly.
"You have me, baby. You want to make Daddy happy, right?"

"Yes daddy." Spike seemed remarkably small as he lay in Angel's arms.

"Then let Wesley play and it'll be just the two of us afterwards." Angel's voice sounded silk and sweet. Like a snake, luring in his prey.
Spike just nodded, calming down somewhat.

Angel smiled and rocked Spike gently. "Daddy loves you, remember? He never wants to hurt you."

Spike almost purred in Angel's arms, a smile across his face.
"Now go apologize to Wesley and offer him your ass, I think he's earned that, don't you?"

Spike nodded apologetically at Angel, and then crawled over to Wes. "I'm sorry, Wesley. I'm yours to fuck as much as you want." Spike said, genuinely wanting to do this for his Sire. He turned around and spread his cheeks for Wes.

Wesley stared at the vampire in front of him and imagined it belonged to a somewhat bigger and darker haired vampire. He was instantly close to ready and pushed his cock inside. The vampire was more than prepared up ahead as if someone had laid out the welcome mat just for him and his best little, or rather big friend.

Spike let out moan after moan as Wes fucked him, Spike's eyes always fixed on his Daddy.
Angel sat knelt down at the edge of the bed, eyelevel with them to get a better sight of the two men in front of him.
"Daddy..." Spike moaned. "Can I suck your cock, Daddy?"
Angel got on the bed in front of them and smiled as he pulled his cock out of his pants. The pants were already unzipped and he was long hard. Spike took to it, like a child would to a lollipop, moving along with every lick that he gave his sire's pride and joy.

Angel fucked Spike's mouth in synch with Wes' fucking. "That's my boy, always making Daddy happy."
His boy, his boy... Wesley moved up his pace as frustration hit him and Angel seemed focused on nothing but the vampire that they were both ramming into.
Wes began to come, and Angel leaned over Spike, leaning over to Wesley, so close, whispering...
"This is as close as you'll ever get to me."
Wes stared at him, his cock going soft, leaving him with nothing.

He left shortly after, standing at the door, listening while Spike yelled his sire's name.
Knowing, it was all his own fault and he cursed Lilah for ever believing her.
He'd signed away his soul, for naught but a toy and all he had left were ashes.

The end

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