Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dark Angel: Freak Nation.

I just finally watched this ep and would love to talk to someone about it, mostly cause I loved it;-)

Any of you guys fans?

I can't explain it, when I first watched Dark Angel S1, I hated the show, I tried five eps and gave up on it cause I felt that Jessica Alba, the main star of the show, couldn't act. None of the supporting cast caught me the way Buffy-verse chars did, so I finally just gave up on the show and stopped watching.

Then I accidentally watched some eps with Zack, those eps back in Manticore and I was surprised to find how much the show had improved since I first watched it.

Jessic Alba managed to actually grow into her char in such a way that I actually started to try and catch the eps. (when I didn't have to work in early shift, or when I didn't forget about it at least; hey you try and follow a series that starts after midnight when you're working in shifts...)

Thing is, next to David Boreanaz, Jessica Alba is probably one of the most improved actors I've ever seen on a show. JA managed to do so in two years, and I wonder where she could have gotten to if the show had been allowed to continue.

But the more I watched the show, S2 in particular, the more I started to like it. The supporting cast got more interesting, new chars got introduced, and the show started to I don't know, gel...

Watching Freak Nation, knowing it was the last ep, I was truly dissapointed that we weren't going to find out what was going to happen next.
I just love Mole, I love his attitude, I love his humor, his sense of self preservation. I love Joshua's gentle wisdom, I love Alec for a dozen different reasons.
And even though I don't like Logan nearly half as much as I do Alec, I do like the Max/Logan relationship.

I wish they could have done more with the worlds reactions to the Transgenics, that we could have seen more of this explored and dealt with.
And I love to hate the bad guys, the Breeding Cult.
(much more so than Manticore, whom I actually found to be rather annoying)

It's weird, it took me so long to get into the show, and I still haven't watched all the eps, but I'm finding myself dissapointed that the show is over already.

And no I'm not blaming Firefly's brief existence.
(though the premise of Firefly interests me even less)
I just wish we got more Max.

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