Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Question to B/A shippers

I'm asking this towards all B/A shippers (not that there's many on my friendslist, but you can always invite your friends to give their opinions *g*)

Allright, I have been thinking on ships and well... I am going to give anyone with even a remote liking for B/A the chance to try, (emphasis on try) to explain to me why in gods name those two should ever be together. Cause I really don't get it. There is as far as I can see no reason why Buffy should be attracted to Angel. (I can see why Spike'd like him, but he's got the unfortunate habit of liking people who are bad to him)

But I'm willing to listen to any of you on why in Gods name, Buffy and Angel would supposedly ever be good for one another...

I don't want no insults of other chars,
I just want to know why you think these two should be together. I'll probably disagree with you, but I want to hear it nonetheless.

And if I hear one mention of the word 'soulmates', or 'first love' I'm gonna grab me this here paddle and spank you till you scream for your mommy ;-)
And not in the good way*eg*
I'm an adult, I don't do that soulmate nonsense, and there's no way in hell that just cause someone was your first, that that means he or she should be your last.

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