Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Author:Law and Lore
Summary:Angel regains his dominance
Note: S5 AU after 'You're Welcome'

Angel sat at his desk, alone. As he lived his life, alone.
But he knew he was close, close to getting everything he wanted and more. And all he had to do, every bit he had to take, was within his reach. Angel sat at his desk, pointedly not paying attention to Spike. Instead, he made a big show of ruffling his paperwork, he had to make it obvious he was interested in anything but his wayward boy.

Spike had been corporeal for a month. A month since he'd been able to touch, smell, feel again. And a month that Angel had either ignored him, told him to leave, or basically pretended to hate his guts while he was around. A month since Spike, his boy and offspring, had managed to beat him, bring him down to the ground and pretend he'd won. It was a victory Angel couldn't let him keep, a victory that even on it's own would bring disgrace on his name if too much of it got out.

So he sat there, waiting, knowing all too well that he'd have to let Spike make the first move. Refusing to admit how much it hurt himself to not just give in and grab the boy and throw him over the desk. Spike might have won their last fight, but he'd win this war, if he had to stay hard for a year waiting for him to be ready.

Spike got into his office again. It had been so much easier to pretend he was trying to keep him out when the boy was still a ghost. To lie that he didn't want him here, to pretend that the smell of his boy didn't make him rock hard. Angel managed to pretend to ignore him for two minutes. He was actually quite pleased with that, especially since Spike hadn't even taken out a smoke.
"What are you doing here, Spike?"

Spike just sat there, stared up at him, silent, it was as if he'd finally made his decision, a look of defeat in his eyes. Angel's demon practically cheered in victory.

"I can't take it. What do you want me to do Angel? What does it take for you to just... Oh just forget it."
No, the boy couldn't go now, not when he was this close.
Spike turned around and started heading out, till he was right in front of the door. Angel let go of a breath that he barely knew he was holding in as Spike turned around on his feet; stomping back towards him.

"What does it take you to stop from hating me Angel? I help you, I help your friends. I've even got a soul now. What do you want of me to just... to let me in again."

Angel knew he could give a long list, one that he'd thought of so often it came almost automatic. But of ocurse there was only one real answer to give. With the purest and most innocent of looks of course.
"I...I thought, with Buffy...why?" He said, slightly exasperated. "I thought you were"
Hitting Spike with a fake insecurity, hitting his boys soft spots and making him think he was vulnerable.

"I'll never be over 'us'" Spike raised his hands as if to point out the exclamation marks.
"I love Buffy, but you're still my sire. No matter who actually did the deed. Don't you see that?"
Angel hid his growing smile, so so close. All he had to do was lead him a few steps further and Spike would be all his.

Angel stared up at Spike from his seat. "I didn't." He stated quietly.
"Are you serious? Because of this is one of your pranks, I swear..."
Making it a demand, making it a rule.

"I'd never... I'm serious Angel. Very very serious."
So needy, so vulnerable, just within his reach.
Spike stood in front of Angel's desk, his head bowed, his entire look fallen, broken.
"I'll do whatever you want me to Angel, just please..."

Angel stood, cupped Spike's head and kissed him passionately.
"Be my boy again." He whispered. "In the traditional sense."
Angel's hands roamed over Spike's back.

"You left us."
Spike relaxed under his fingers, even if every memory he ever had of Angelus would be shouting at him to run for the hills.

"I thought I had too." Angel whispered as he rested his forehead against Spike's. "I was stupid."

"I missed you." Spike sighed.
"And then Angelus came back and..." his boy trembled. Angel understood why, Angelus has gone insane under the soul. "It was weird, but you, with soul, are more like my sire, than that nutcase version was."

Angel kissed Spike softly. "I'll do a better job this time, I promise."
Baiting the trap.

Spike sank into the kiss. Angel finally let go, looking down, making his intentions clear. Spike kneeled, doing what was expected of him, so needy. Angel ran his fingers through Spike's hair.
"Such a good boy, aren't you? How the hell did I do without you?"

Spike didn't answer, his hands just moved to Angel's pants, opening his sire's zipper.
Funny thing with vampire dominance, it wasn't being taken that showed submission, it was this, when the child willingly took his sire's cock in his mouth without even a prompt. And Spike was too tired, too lost without his sire to even consider putting up a fight on any front.

Angel jerked back slightly, the tip of his cock still inside Spike's mouth.
"Promise me this isn't a trick."

"It isn't, I swear." his deep blue eyes looked up to his sire, begging his sire to believe him.

Angel stroked Spike's cheek.
"I believe you," Spike's smile lit up in his eyes, "but you're on probation for two weeks." Spike fell into his touch, writhing under his fingers, his breath leaving goosebumps on his boys skin.

"Whatever you say ... sire."

Angel could have guessed what words Spike was really thinking. Wanker, poofter, bastard, but all those hidden in his need as Angel's fingers ran through Spike's hair.
"Don't give me that Sire crap. I want you to be you." He could break down any new fledge, but it was Spike that he wanted back. His boy, submitting to him, willingly, fully, nothing hidden, not even the boy's frustration.

"Just get it over with peaches. Show your big manliness, whatever you need to believe me."

Angel smiled and lifted Spike off his feet.
"Maybe you need a good spanking, right here where anyone could walk in."

Spike swallowed, it was one thing to insinuate it all too clearly, but to say it out loud. The boy was pulling back and he couldn't let him.

"Better answer quickly, or it'll be upgraded to a caning." Angel smirked. Shocking the boy, making him forget that he could still slip out of this.

Spike knew the game.
"Not like I'd stop you."

"Not like you could." Angel grinned as he unbuckled Spike's pants, opening the button and the zippers. The tight jeans took a bit of assistance from their owner while getting down, but ultimately they did go, leaving Spike's genitals, bottom and thighs open for Angel's inspection.

Angel ran his hand over Spike's ass. "So beautiful." He whispered, before sitting back down in his seat. With a grin, he pulled Spike on his lap, his hard cock trying to reach his boy's ass through his pants. But not yet, no not before it was just right. He flipped Spike over his knees. "Count them off."

Spike's head hung down as Angel started, a first soft slap on the left buttock.
A second on the right
Harder then.
"Three, aw that hurt you fucker."
And on and on.*

Angel stopped after two hundred. He ran his hand over Spike's red ass.
"Fuck, I can't believe how hot you are."

Spike was panting, he'd stopped thinking after 100. Just count and feel.*

Angel grinned as several ideas ran through his head, so many choices, even forever was too short for them all.
"Maybe I should strip you down, put a leash around your neck and parade you around the office."

Spike was too caught up in his frustration to think, "As you wish" was all his mind got out. Good for it.

Angel whispered into Spike's ear seductively.
"Then I'll have you suck me off in front of your buddies in accounting. Show everyone who you belong too, who owns this tight little ass." He squeezed the body part in question, before slapping it one last time.

"I belong to you poofter. you know that." Spike's cock was stirring harder and harder, pushing into his legs.

Angel pouted. "But I want everyone else to know it too."

"Fuck me and I'll even let you pick the collar you damn arsebandit."

And jackpot, Angel could smell the heat coming from his little boy, could smell his need mixing with his own. It wouldn't be long before the boy's long abstinence would make him let go. How long had it been since Spike had had any? Considering his running for Harmony, Angel had a good guess it had been far too long..
Luckily for the girl, they hadn't even got that far. Angel would have had to stake her if she had.

Angel began to stroke Spike's cock. "On the desk, on your back."
Spike got up and sank down on the desk, on top of the papers. Angel wondered what the cloister would think to smell the come on their contracts. No time no patience to push them out of the way. But it'd be fun to punish the boy for it afterwards.

Angel stroked Spike's thighs, and smiled at his Childe. "How much do you want me Spike?" Going over the other vampire's balls, cupping them harshly.

"Want, need, Angel please." Spike was so close to the edge he could barely speak. Angel added it to the list of things to do to get Spike to shut up.

"Oh, no." Angel singsonged with a wicked grin. "I want to hear you beg."

"Fuck me you bastard or I'll rip your sodden cock off." So so needy, Angel wasted no chance, sucking those nipples till they grew hard under his fingertips. Nipple clamps, maybe a piercing, anything to pull those pert little bits of flesh under his control without even a touch.

Angel laughed. "I know you can beg better than that." Knew it from personal experience of hearing the boy plead for mercy, for a cock to fill that tight little hole till he screamed for mercy.

"Angel, please. I..."Spike sounded utterly and hopelessly disgusted with himself, just like Angel wanted him.
"I'm begging you. Fuck me daddy and I'll do anything you want. Anything."

That last touch. "You know that you don't have to do anything you don't want to right?"
But saying it in such a way that Spike would know that there was only one possible answer to that question, only one that wouldn't leave him a heap of frustrated muscles and need. And only one way for this to go, with Angel in charge.

Spike being the smart boy he could be on occasion, nodded, open and wanting. A proud possession to be molded by the hands of a master. Having no lube at hand, Angel used his saliva to slick his cock as soon as he pulled his pants down. He could have gotten up, taken the lube he had hidden in several of his cupboards, but this wasn't about pleasure. This was about reassuring his ownership and letting Spike know exactly who ruled in this 'relationship'. Angel caught Spike's eyes as he pushed into his Childe. "Always so boy."*

"Dru took care of that."
Turning him as a virgin, assuring that he always return to virgin tightness within hours of being taken.

Angel thrust in until his cock was buried between Spike's cheeks. "God, I've missed you."

Spike screamed his sire's name, close to coming, as Angel fucked him hard, the desk moving underneath them. Wood cracking, so close, it was worth it. "All mine! You're mine!"*

Suddenly the doors opened, two figures stormed inside. Angel stared up, seeing Wes and Gunn standing in the door. Their faces frozen in shock.
"Um...hi guys." Angel offered a weak smile. "Don't suppose you could give us a few minutes?"
Too shocked to say anything, Wes and Gunn left.

"Oh god." Angel moaned. "Fuck!" They weren't supposed to find out this fast, they weren't supposed to know till he shocked them by telling them, when he was ready, not now.

"Does that mean you'll really want me to wear a collar in public?"

Angel grinned, and began to fuck Spike again. "Damn right it does."
As if that had ever been in doubt.

"Oh god."
Spike moved along with Angel's thrusts, holding on to the desk as if for dear life.

"Make yourself come." Angel ordered him, feeling his own orgasm approaching.
"Then we'll go shopping for your collar."

Spike grabbed for his cock, rubbing harder and harder till he could feel he was about ready to explode.

Angel yelled his name as he came hard inside his Childe. "Fuck...Spike, my boy..."

It felt like a relief, the first time in months, years really, ever since, he shivered at the memory, that he was with someone, and not just his hand. It had just been so long. Too long.

"Come for me, Spike." Angel whispered seductively. "Do it."
His face flinched in pain when he was finally allowed to come as he'd instinctively waited for his sire's permission. Angel watched him let go all over the desk, and then licked Spike's cock clean.
"We're shopping for your collar now." Angel was unable to stop a grin from ruling over his face.

"Huh what?" Spike barely even remembered the earlier mention of the collar. Then it hit him, he seemed about ready to shout out, to refuse. But one look in Angel's eyes and he shut up, just like Angel wanted him.

Angel planted a gentle kiss on Spike's neck, his jaw, his nose. Regaining possession of that face with every brush of his lips on flesh. "I want to show everyone that I love you, that you belong to me."
Cause of course love was still the best bait to lure Spike into what was best for both of them.

"Stupid poofter"
But Spike was smiling while he insulted his sire and Angel knew he had him, so he smiled back and gave his boy another kiss.
"So, um...if you wanted, you can stay over at my place tonight." Angel said, trying to sound casual as he dressed. It was not like he was going to let Spike keep any choice on this matter, but he was always so much easier to handle when you pretended that he did.

"Where else am I supposed to go?"
Angel couldn't let him go back to that small basement apartment of his, complete with in house rats and vermin; bought for him by a man planning to use him against his sire... Spike couldn't even have a clue when the other shoe was gonna drop and the bills would start coming. The boy probably wasn't even thinking about how he'd pay for the apartment once people noticed the original buyer was gone.

Angel took Spike's hand and pulled him off the desk. He frowned, realizing how bad a state the desk was really in. "You came all over the paperwork!" Angel exclaimed. "You will be be punished for that."*

"Hey you're the one..." Angel grabbed him in a kiss before Spike could complete his sentence and get himself into even more trouble..

Letting go, letting, the boy's mouth still open, halfway following his.
"Maybe a nice leather collar, and my name written in gold to show off to everyone."
Spike would have blushed at that if vampires had been capable of it.
Angel just chuckled and pulled Spike back towards him.
"I'm serious, you know. I want you to have a collar, and I want everyone to see it."

"You know I was lying about the 'letting you pick one out' part right? You've got worse taste than a guinea pig."

Angel chuckled at the boys daring, at his naivety. "Oh no, this is my choice."
Still thinking he'd get out of this, that his sire was only kidding. "Now get dressed."
Spike got on his feet and pulled his pants back up, they were still hanging over his feet.


Spike could barely believe it when Angel actually dragged him along to the parking lot. He was still thinking that Angel was just kidding as they drove through LA. He stopped laughing when the stopped in front of the store.

Angel knew full well Spike had thought he was joking, and couldn't stop laughing at the look on his Childe's face as they walked into the sex shop. "I'll just buy everything I think I'll need for you right now, saves me a second trip later on."

"Angel I can't..." his hand moved to his unfortunately still exposed throat.
"Isn't my reputation ruined enough as it is?"

Angel grinned, his kiss rough and sudden.
"You're still the Big Bad. You're just gonna have a dildo up your ass whenever I say so."
Oh god! Angel's hand on his back, down his pants. Going soft, becoming the Slayer's pet, being a souled freak... Demons all over town would mock him if he started wearing a collar in public, well they'd mock till he'd snap their necks, but still. And the rest, half the staff at Wolfram and Hart would smell it the second he entered the building, the other half would probably recognize it in his gait as he tried to walk with a stick up his hole.

But all that, even the horrifying memory of Angel taking a walking stick and shoving it where those things were never supposed to come, Spike just forgot it all in the kiss. His sire so near, it was overpowering all his sense of self preservation

"Anyone who fucks with you, will have me to answer too." Angel promised. "You belong to me, and no one fucks with what's mine." Unless he let them, unless he knew all too well that he'd get something out of it..

A woman called their attention. She was dressed in an easy business suit, as if she could be working in just about any boutique on rodeo drive. She was also holding a rather large dildo in her hands that she'd been clearly putting back in place right before they entered the shop.

Angel greeted the saleswoman. "I'm looking for...well, at least one of everything for my boy here. Especially some good dildos and vibrators. My boy loves having something in his ass."

"I do not." Spike mumbled.
Quickly catching himself, the moment Angel looked his way.

Angel swatted Spike's ass and turned back to the saleswoman. "Should I have him strip and bend over so you can have a rough idea of the tightness I'm dealing with?" Angel shot a smirk at Spike.

The woman laughed, and shook her hand. "Only if you'd like to get us shut down." She joked. "How about I let you gentlemen browse the stock, and I'll come back when you're done."

Spike took a brief overview of the shop. Drusilla would have loved it here, so would Buffy for that matter. Angel slapped his ass. "Pay attention." Angel chided him. "I'm thinking of getting you a remote-controlled vibrator."

"You wouldn't." Spike quickly followed his sire around, desperate to prevent him from the worst.

But Angel was grinning again, Spike trembled when he saw his sire pick up the device, a long dildo, set to move at the touch of a button, both dildo and remote now firmly in Angel's hands..
"I am now." He said with a smirk.

Spike just groaned, Angel told him to get a cart and by the time he was back with it, the brooding menace already had his arms loaded to the fullest.

"And these are all just for your ass." Angel continued with a grin as if he'd never stopped.
"Still need some tit clamps, cock rings...the list is endless."

Spike groaned, continuing along the way. His eyes fell on something he recognized from his time with Drusilla. It was a huge dildo gag, shaped about the size of Angel's dick. Drusilla had loved to make him take it and then whip his back till he gagged for her name.

"Feel free to make some suggestions." Angel said, patting Spike on the back.

Spike nearly gagged, but he put it in the cart anyway.

Twenty minutes later, Angel was loaded down with at least thirty items, asking the saleswoman for a place to try out some of the toys. The woman's smile never left her face, even as she saw the items that Angel had picked up, even as Spike stood there terrified under Angel's dark grin. The sales woman was plain casual, business like usual as she led them to the changing rooms.

Spike had been staring at the stack on the counter, and Angel hadn't even looked at the collars yet.

Angel openly cupped Spike's crotch and gave it a squeeze.
"I know what you're thinking, and don't worry. Its coming."
Spike couldn't help a soft moan. Angel still held on, grabbing a tight hold as he drug him into the stall.
"Pull your pants down." Angel ordered, already unwrapping the vibrator.

Spike stared at the machine, it was big, almost as big as Angel himself. Was Angel actually serious about this? Of course he was. Spike slowly pulled down his pants and turned around, supporting himself against the walls.

"This is what it means to be my boy, Spike." Angel whispered into his ear. "You'll do what I want, how I want it, when I want it. Tell me now if you want to back out."

Spike shivered as Angel's lube covered fingers touched his entrance. Opening it wider and wider till the head of the dildo could slip in.

Angel pushed the vibrator in slowly, patting the base when it was finally all the way in.
"Pull your pants up, and go tell the nice lady your Master wants to know if they personalize collars here."

"My what?" Angel's hand moved to the remote. Spike grumped a bit, dragged up his pants and headed up to the counter. But even that wasn't enough. Angel set the vibrator off as he walked up to the woman, sending a shock up his spine and down to other parts of his anatomy. Knowing that Angel could hear his every word only made him more careful.
"My master" not enough respect in that, arrgh, the vibrator shot in action again. "wants to know if you personalize" and again "collars."
Spike was nearly buckling through his legs at the last one.*

Angel decided to keep the vibrator on as he walked out of the stall. The saleswoman directed her attention to Angel now. "We personalize collars here, Sir."

Angel immediately picked up a beautiful silver collar that he'd eyed before. "I want 'property of Angel' written on the outside."

"Yes sir."

Her hands quickly knitted the letters into the fabric with a speed that would have made a sewing machine envious. Angel eagerly accepted the collar, and placed a kiss on Spike's forehead. With a huge smile, he clasped the collar around Spike's neck. "You're mine now." Angel whispered. "Forever." Spike shivered up against him. Only to find that while he'd been staring at the woman, Angel had grabbed a leash. A leash that was now being attached to his collar.

Spike gulped as Angel told him to pick up the bags. They were black and reasonably discreet, but still... Angel then grabbed one last item for purchase, a nice make up box with plenty of dark colors.


It took them about half an hour to get back to Wolfram and Hart. They would have gotten their faster if Angel hadn't decided he needed a hand job about half way through, making Spike snap in an agony of pleasure when he first dared to refuse. Spike had quickly accepted his position and got Angel off in no time. He was smiling. Angel could see the fear in people's eyes at the look in his eyes as he proudly led Spike through the building to his office by the leash. Most of the lawyers seemed to take it like business as usual. They were used to worse from previous CEO's... and as long as it wasn't them.

No the look of Spike in collar and leash wasn't what bothered them. Several would have loved to see the younger vampire brought down a notch or two. He'd won at a few poker games too many and had too many of the women and men stare after him. Angel came close to making Spike crawl on hands and feet just to see his boys reaction. What really freaked them out, was the look on his own face, the smile. And Angel managed to glory even more in his good mood as he saw it's response in the reactions around him.

Thankfully, Angel's office was empty as he led Spike into the elevator and into his apartment.
"Do you think you need another spanking, Spike?"
Spike of course disagreed, he always did, at first, so Angel ignored him, taking over a few of the bags and taking out a couple of the toys.

Angel took out a large wooden paddle, and stroked it. With an evil grin, he reached into his pocket and flicked the switch which turned the speed up on Spike's vibrator. Spike's mind shot in overdrive to deal with the sensations. His hand moved to his pants, wanting to stroke his cock.

Angel's hand shot into the bag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Before Spike could react, Angel handcuffed Spike's hands behind his back. "That's naughty, Spike."

"Damn it you poofter, that thing's killing me."
Angel just grinned, taking a couple of the cockrings in hand. They all looked so damn good. The black one would meld nicely with Spike's cock once it started growing, the red one... no, he finally settled on the silver one that would match perfectly with his collar. All too soon, they'd be two of the only things Spike would be allowed to wear for the next few hours, or days. He wasn't quite sure of that yet.
With a quick kiss to Spike's lips, he ripped Spike's pants off and quickly attached the cock ring.
"That's going to stay in for the next twenty four hours, at this speed."


Angel just laughed.
"You bet."

Angel ran a finger along the underside of Spike's cock. "Maybe I should whore you out to my friends." He could just imagine watching while Spike sucked Wesley's cock, letting his boy rim Gunn's sweet virgin ass while his sire rammed into him from behind.

"You wouldn't!?"
But Spike had already been taught that if that was what his sire wanted, he wouldn't be able to refuse. His body belonged to his sire, it always had. Head, chest, arms, cock, hole, ... all of it his, to share, or keep for himself.

Angel smirked. "I know damn well you like that idea."

"No." Spike's horrified face definitely disagreed, but Angel didn't care. When would the boy learn that it wasn't about his pleasure, it was about his sire's. It was all about Angel's needs, Angel's whims. He didn't bother to explain. Either Spike would learn, or he'd hurt, either way, Angelus would get exactly what he wanted; everything.

Spike stared at him in horrified fear as he pushed the gagdildo in between his lips. His boy had always had good taste. Maybe he should let him pick something, every once and a while. He patted his boy's head as he tied the straps behind his neck.

Spike was his.
Now and forever, till dust did them part.


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