Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Masterlist for the Spike crossover ficathon.

And since it is the 7th I'm putting up the Masterlist for the Spike crossover ficathon. I can't wait to read the fics. :-)

control_alt_del wrote for illmantrim
ancient_immie wrote Unlikely hero for liliaeth
redwulf50 wrote for delwyncole
perletwo wrote for redeem147
delwyncole wrote for control_alt_del
spikespet wrote for tobywolf13
illmantrim wrote The legend of Spike for redwulf50
redeem147 wrote Mr Spike and the shattered detective for spikespet
liliaeth wrote for willow_bcd
tobywolf13 wrote Mr Monk and the vampirefor perletwo

Uhm, let me know if there are any mistakes in this list

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