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Cherchez la femme: Teresa Heinz, the wife of the democratic presidential candidate John Kerry 4/?

Bushes campaign has already fired its first shots. A television clip attacked Kerry for his socalled populisme, by showing a series of images of the mansion he shares with Heinz Kerry and their luxuary yacht. The end was inspired by a commercial slogan for MasterCard. "Priceless."

The republicans like to paint Kerry as an elitist figure that has no feeling with the average American. His mother was a member of the Forbes family, the fine fleur of Bosten.
His father, a diplomate of Eastern European jewish descendance sent his son first to a school in Switserland and after that to private schools in New England. At the university of Yale he was just like Geroge Bush a member of the exclusive student association Skull and Bones. A columnist of the Boston Globe calls him the kind of man who's life was dotted out from the time he was in the crib.

The republicans will mostly try and paint Kerry as weak and inconsistent. His attitude towards the war in Irak will be one of the examples for that. At first he was for and afterwards he was against. Kerry's followers point out that he's been a member of the Commission for external affairs for close to 20 years. and has excessive experience in complex foreign and military issues.
The republicans will also try and find out every last vote he made on controversial internal affairs, gunncontroll (for), right for choice in abortion (for), gay marriage (for), and death penalty (against). "God, guns and gays are strong points for the republicans" one Democratic strategist said." But the senate is an institution that almost constantly has to make Salomon judgements. "In the senate you're constantly searching for compromises, in a presidential campaign, everything is either black or white."

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