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Cherchez la femme: Teresa Heinz, the wife of the democratic presidential candidate John Kerry 1/?

Just thought that the Americans on my friends list might enjoy reading this article. It's my translation of a Humo-article on Teresa Heinz Kerry.
And honestly, if I were American, this is the kind of woman I'd want as a president, and if I couldn't have that, I'd at least want the man intelligent and strong enough to marry her.

Theresa Heinz Kerry's comfortable office in Washington right near the White House, looks a lot like a comfortable salon and yet it's the nervecenter of Heinz, the nutrition imperium worth more than a billion dollars that she controlls. On the bookshelves are a few bestsellers by psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, in which amongst others one could read a simple summary of the human condition. "Life is hard".

It's a typical sort of quote that Teresa Heins Kerry would instantly agree with. During a speech in a villa in Fairfield County, a part of Connecticut that crawls with bankers and financers, she said the following about her fate. "This is no life, this is an existance." Only moments later she's already on the road to the next meeting, a campaign dinner in the near Greenwich with a pricecard of a 1.000 dollar a head.

Ever since senater John F. Kerry became the Democratic candidate for presidency, his second wife has been dutifully campaigning for the good cause. Even though she has her own private jet (a ketchup red Gulfstream with the number 57 on the tail, a wink to the 57 varieties of Heinz) it isn't easy for her. Everywhere she comes, she's attacked by camera's and questions. The media puts her under the microscope- and with ellections only three months away, this is only a taste of what's waiting for her up ahead. The newspapers at the very least aren't always all too positive. Over and over again the question is raised: Is Heinz Kerry an asset for her husband, or a stone around his neck.
Judge for yourself.

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