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Fic: Prisoner V547 (2/?)

Fic: Prisoner V547
Title: Prisoner V547
Pairing: S/A, S/Aus, S/Others, B/S
Rating:NC17 (non-con, sub/Dom, whoring, m/m, f/m eventually)
Summary: Future AU, The world finds out about demons and vampires. Spike is captured by the cops

No matter how modern they tried to make the place, the lack of open air kept it damp with air heavy between the bars. Four bunks were spread in the small space, two on each side, Spike sat on the top bunk on the left, while a Chaos demon was filing his antlers on the lower bunk across from him. For now, the other two bunks were empty. Their fellow roommates had been taken to the courtroom already. Spike sat at the back of his bunk, his feet dangling out under him, he was dressed in a painfully orange jumpsuit. It was one of those times to thank whatever rules governed the unnatural lives of vampires that made them lack a reflection.

The Chaos demon's chains got caught up behind his antlers. He winced as they sparked when they made contact. Spike groaned and ignored him some more, staring out of the cell at the bars in front of him, the empty hallway behind them.

"Oh come on, just a small game of twenty questions."

Oh how he wished he could just kill the rotten beast. Strangle it with it's own chains if he had to. Instead Spike turned him a death glare before lying flat down on his bunk. Nothing to see on the ceiling. A few shadows here, a lonely lamp on the ceiling, a couple of spots there, he could barely smell some blood that the caretakers must have missed from the cells last inhabitants. He tried to get a hint of what race the blood had belonged to. It was too diluted to figure out.

"It's grey and starts with a b."
Spike groaned as the demon scratched his head trying to think of the answer. He started counting the stains on the ceiling. No sunlight to mess up the shadows. Ten minutes later and the Chaos demon was still thinking.
Bars you moron, ask questions, ask...

Keys rattled out of the hall on the other side of the bars. "Hey, bloodsucker. Let's go."
Spike sat up, thanking his lucky stars, the chains on his hands and feet clattered against the cement floor as he moved. He jumped down, ignoring the chains and stared at the human in front of him. Easily two heads taller than him, broadly muscled, thick neck. He could take him easily. Even with the taser. If not for all the other guards, or the fact that he couldn't just kill the moron. Two more guards showed up, followed by one short girl. A Slayer badge clear on her chest.

Tall and thick unlocked the door as Spike came up to him. He didn't move to close the cell till Spike had gone through and out of the way. Spike gave the girl a wink and stretched out for a lazy second. They passed by several cells and he could hear several of the prisoners hiss his name.
He knew several that he'd fought in the past. Both before the chip and after.
And then there were the ones that could smell the soul on him. They were the ones that screamed the loudest.
He smirked greedily at them all, almost challenging them to a tussle.
The slayer pushed him forwards. Spike just laughed and went onwards. This might be the last spot of light he got for a long time and he was going to enjoy it.


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