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Fic: Prisoner V547 (1/?)

I think it's time that I start posting this in my own journal. Especially since I'm working on a new chapter and corrected the old ones.
Hoping that people outside of Sick Chicks will like it

Fic: Prisoner V547
Title: Prisoner V547
Pairing: S/A, S/Aus, S/Others, B/S
Rating:NC17 (non-con, sub/Dom, whoring, m/m, f/m eventually)
Summary: Future AU, The world finds out about demons and vampires. Spike is captured by the cops

Dawn hadn't hit the horizon yet by the time the authorities finally caught up with them. Only last night they'd hidden under a bridge in San Francisco, after months of diving underground with a bunch of half demons that owed Spike their hides. The two of them had been underway since Buffy ripped off her Slayer tag, refusing every single bit of obedience. They'd told her to turn him over, to just give him up and get it over with and so it was his fault she was on the run, his fault that she had to live in squalor. And he hated it. Hated that he'd pulled her into this, hated that she hadn't been able to call her friends, hated to see her so tired. Rotors winged through the air as the helicopters soared over them. Several spotlights crossed over them, pointing them out in the dark. He leaned over the rooftop, there were cop cars everywhere, only one way out, for her.

He grabbed Buffy and kissed her. She melted in his arms, smiling at him. She'd never looked back, but he had. For her.
She stared back, refusing to accept it at first..

She tried to refuse, but he pushed her in the right direction before jumping down the roof. Yelling his challenge at the coppers on their tail. Buffy stared at him from the rooftops. He refused to turn back, grabbing one of the cop cars and turning it over. He could hear her running off. Their only chance, her only chance to be free.
His features turned to game face and he was laughing at the humans' fear.

"Come and get me." he whispered.

And they did. All of them holding stakes. Seven of them wore tasers. He tried to duck, but was hit over and over again. Dressed in blue, badges on their chests, free men, out to rid the world of the vileness in the world, of him. He spat in their faces, refusing to kill them, kicking their asses anyway.
Then the girls jumped in the fray. He managed to kick one of them down, before getting a second on his back.
A third grabbed for his legs, making him go down. He stared up one last time, grateful that Buffy's silhouette was nowhere near, before the taser hit his neck and he went down.

The Slayer grabbed a stake and placed it on his chest. He looked up at the child, she couldn't be any more than fifteen. Cheeky sort, she beat him in the nose, hitting him out. He could barely hear her words as she locked him down.

"You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...."


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