Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Pairing/Character: Spike and an ice cream cone (or Spike/Wes and ice cream)
Dialog: 'You're going down!'
Title: 31 Flavours Aren't Enough

Spike looked up at him from underneath the blindfold; smiling, still. Wesley trailed the ice cream cone across his chest. Freezing a path past his nipples, taking gentle care to suckle them like a baby holding on to his mother's breast. Spike's mouth fell open, forming a lovely oooooooh, leading Wesley to continue his path up to the vampire's lips. Finally, after Wesley tasted every single piece of flesh on his way, their tongues met.
"Chocolate" Spike whispered as soon as Wes let go of those cold lips.

Wesley just smiled, "One gone, 31 flavors to go. You're going down."

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