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Small ficlet: I wish

"I wish.... I wish that I could find someone who loved me without
question, someone who cared for me, no matter what I looked like, how
I smelled or felt. Someone that I could be happy with."

"Uh Buffy."

"Yes Anya?"

"You've already got a guy like that."

"I know." And she leaned up to the sleeping body of her husband,
feeling his chest go up and down as he breathed, soothing her with
the sound of his heart.


Two eyes, two ears, a mouth made for kissing.
A nose that sneezed as she tickled him and ten fingernails with black
Two feet in dark leather Doc Martins; no socks nor underwear.
Countless blond curls under gelled restraint just begging for freedom.
Ten Toes, painted black, that you never get to see, well sometimes.

A full pack of smokes in a pocket at the back. A perfect ass, two
halves, you can bounce a penny on. Abs of similar sort hidden, barely
so, under a tight black shirt.

Several coats, tried on once or sometimes twice, easily discarded.
None able to replace his lost price.
Two legs that could lock you to him and... She blushed.... there's
children around, but let's just say, he doesn't dissapoint.

A bottle of peroxide in the bathroom cupboard and a pot he swears
isn't hairgel, even though she knows it is.

One scar over his eyebrow. Never healed, even after a 100 years.
Several others all over his body that tell the story of his life.
A band of crosses circling his neck to piss of his sire and a parfume
made of holy water, to keep him off. He's still weary touching
either, but won't take it off.
An all body tan with the burns to match.

All of course, his business, for him, cause he likes it and not at
all to show off how non-vampiric he is. She knows better of course.
A whisper of "I love you" in his ears as he wakes up. Two kisses, "I
believe in you" before he sleeps. A peck on his nose just cause she
feels like it. And his eyes on her all day.

Staring gaze, disbeliving still.
I'm yours they ask.
You're mine, say hers.
It makes him smile.
Two wrinkles at his lips everytime he smirks. Four as he laughs full
out. He's beautiful, gorgeous when he's happy.

Tears for her, but none for him. harsh shouts for forgiveness at
midnight, a big "no" when he wakes up from restless sleep.

An "I'm sorry" for waking her up.
Human now, still Spike.
Forever Spike.


"I wish... I wish..."
But the time of wishes is gone and so is he.
Tags: fanfic, spike/buffy

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