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I'm actually a bit bored.

The place I was working at is closing down for three weeks, vacation and stuff, so I'm basically unemployed for three weeks. Praying to God that after those three weeks they'll let me come back.
I like that place.

I'm trying to work on my Prisoner fic, but I seem to be a bit stuck. Buffy, Riley, Xander and a Slayer saved Spike and Angel out of the prison, but what happens next?

Maybe I should rewrite the last chapter, make it more climatic, only, that didn't feel right, the first time around that I tried it that way. The story isn't over just because they're out of jail. I mean, there's dozens, hundreds of slayers out there working with the cops, out to get the runaway vamps. There's cops and army troops, there's...
and I still don't have a clue as to what should happen now.
Should I focus on the Spuffy? On the Spangel? The fic is both after all.

My Buffy loves Spike and Spike loves her. My Spike also loves Angel though, and Angel is rather possessive of Spike. Even though I'm not sure if Angel really loves Spike, or if he loves the idea that Spike is family.
I don't do cuddley Spangel. I love reading it on occasion, but I don't write it. (or very rarely)

I got Riley there in the car, and I need to show why he's there. And make his presence about more than just 'I wanted to shock the readers by having him be one of the good guys for a change'.

I'm thinking that Riley and Sam's daughter is a Slayer, and it's that what makes him go up against the authorities, in that he's trying to protect his little girl. (future AU, just go with it)

Xander... well he's there cause Buffy needed the help and they couldn't take Dawn with them. That and the idea of Xander pulling Angel with him on a leash, even for just one scene, wouldn't go away. ;-)

Then I got Steve, manservant to Graham Miller (point to anyone who remembers who that is) and hiding from his evil boss. Currently trembling in his seat over what Angel might do to the guy that helped the bad guy rape poor Spike.
If Buffy doesn't get there first. *highly evil grin*

I do know that I should be heading the fic for a conclusion, but since they already escaped the simple 'And we battle the law to get them out' ending just won't work.

Still bored though.


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