Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Buffy or Faith? Buffy
Willow or Fred? Fred (can't stand Willow)
Cordy or Harmony? Harmony, like Cordy, but just love Harm (as long as she stays away from Buffy's Spike ;-) )
Xander or Andrew? Andrew
Spike or Angel? Spike, there's just no comparison
Giles or Wesley? Wesley. (don't like either, but dislike Wes less)
Joyce or Jenny? Joyce, so much more heartfelt
Darla or Drusilla? Darla, can't stand Dru
Lorne or Lindsey? Lindsey
Eve or Lilah? Lilah.
Chip or Soul? Like the chip, but prefer the soul
Pig or lamb? lamb
Jonathan or Warren? Warren, Jonathan didn't leave much of an impression
Most annoying character? Willow
Worst character? Willow

Buffy Episode? Never leave me
Angel Episode? Damage
Buffy Season? Five
Angel Season? Five
Buffy Plot? Spike's growing love for Buffy
Buffy Death? Joyce, Tara, Spike... only reason Spike's doesn't win, is cause thank god, he came back from it
Angel Death? Darla, every single one of them
Angel Plot? well pre-Spike, Angel's beige period when he clearly shows how dark he still is (DB is rather good at playing evil)
ATS Character? Spike (pre-Spike, Gunn)
Btvs Character? Spike and Buffy
Baddie? Angelus. (DB is much better at playing evil then he is at playing good)
Btvs moment? The end scene of Beneath you, when Spike tells Buffy he got his soul for her
Ats moment? Damage, the end scene, when Angel and Spike share a moment
Sacrifice? The entire gang's (Not Fade Away)

What Buffy episode made you cry? Beneath you
What Angel episode made you cry? Not Fade Away
Funniest episode from Buffy? Triangle
Funniest episode from Angel? Smile Time

Buffy w/: Spike
Angel w/: Spike
Xander w/: Anya
Andrew w/: Xander
Spike w/: Buffy and/or Angel
Cordy w/: Groo
Dawn w/: Connor
Giles w/: Ethan
Wes w/: Angel
Fred w/: Gunn and/or Spike
Lilah w/: Wes
Lindsey w/: Angel
Faith w/:Xander
Harmony w/: Angel

If there was one thing you could change in the entire Btvs/Ats world - what would you change and why would you change it?
I wouldn't ever bring Buffy and Angel together as a couple, I'd have Buffy come back less as a bitch in season six and stop the scoobies from becoming so dislikable in S6 and S7


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