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Just something that I posted in response to someone elses post

about the mess on Amazon with Nancy Holder's books and the reactions to it...
Thought I'd repeat the comment here, just for my own sake ;-)

Lady O'Neils post

I have heard about the kernuffles. Bit weird.
My main problem though, is that they lose out on a lot of readers by keeping up the B/A in the books.
Personally, if I see a book is Spike-centric, or in a major role, I'd buy it. If a book has little or no Spike(like the stupid Willow AU that they want us to waste money on; or the Riley book, another waste of time and money) or if it has B/A (again like the Riley book or like Heat), then I plain out won't waste my money on it. And I'm sure there's a lot of others like me out there.

Yes, there is fanfic, but I just wish that the publishers got their heads out of their butts and dropped the B/A. It's not canon post season four, has no bearings on the series as shown, and is worse than most of the worst of fanfic...

I'd love B/S in the books, but it's not essential. Hell I bought Blood and Fogg, with all it's errors and mistakes, I bought Cursed, no matter how much Angel I had to endure... I even bought Monster Island, even though I can't even stand Christopher Goldens ideas

But at least those books had some respect for those of the readers who have to throw up when they see B/A even mentioned. And some smallest respect for canon. Heat lacks that.
It's like bad fanfic that you have to pay for. And I find that a pity, for the publishers, as well as us readers who are willing to spend good money on books that are actually of interest.

I'm not planning to watch the Buffy animated series if it ever comes out, not until they last long enough to get to the Spike years. I'm NOT a fan of the socalled 'classic' years. To be honest, I didn't become obsessed with Buffy till season four.

Is it so hard for Fox to understand that, that there are fans who want to go forward, not back. Who want to see change, not flashbacks with lies?
Heat annoys me, not just because it's B/A, but because it's yet another proof that Fox and the publishers don't give a damn about over half of the viewers of Buffy. And as long as they don't, then I don't see why I should give any money to them.

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