Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Catsitting in Antwerps

I'm in Antwerps right now, at my sister's place. Nele and her boyfriend Warren went to Turkey for a week so she asked me to take care of her cats while she was gone. The poor kittens are only a few months old. One of them, Theodore, is now lying next to me, the sweet bit's purring and being the cutest little kitten he can be. Alexander the red kitten is lying on a seat right across the table. He's being sweet as well. The both of them seem to be enjoying the company.

I wish I could put a pic of the both of them in the livejournal, Nele says she's got pictures of them on the labtop, so I'll be looking through that later, to make icons of the two of them...

I'm usually a dogperson, but these two are soooooo cute.
And no I'm not gonna use them to play kittenpoker

I wonder if they'll stay good all through the week. I sure hope so. Though I have a guess that once Alex gets over his shyness, I'm gonna have to be ready for a whole lot of playfullness from him. I can hardly wait.

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