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Fic: And a child shall guide them (1/1)

Title: And a child shall guide them
Author: Lore
Rating: G
Summary: Just another day after the plague
Small spoilers for Not fade away

written for the apocalypse ficathon for cindergal I hope this is ok...

He walked through empty canyons of once busy streets. Avoiding to trip on items long forgotten once their owners died. It was the warmest hours of the day as Wes ducked behind a wall, holding his backpack close to his body. His dad and his uncle Charlie would be mad as hell when they found out what he'd done, going out on his own like this. But dad needed to eat and Wes knew where to get some blood. He could hear footsteps coming his way and tried desperately to stay out of sight. A woman stood there, bathed in the light, a slightly younger woman followed behind her.

Wes didn't let himself be fooled that just cause they looked harmless, that that'd mean they were. He stayed in place, no fretting, he was nine, old enough to know better. Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder, he turned around, ready to fight, looking straight into the face of a darkhaired man. Wes struggled and tried to get free. But the oneeyed man wouldn't let go of him.

"Buffy, Dawn. Seems we have a little spy here."
Wes growled at them, for some reason it always sounded more impressive when his dad did it. But he was working on it... really.

The older woman had long blond hair tied up behind her head, her eyes looked sad, but Wes didn't let it deceive him. He managed to hit the younger girl while trying to get free, screaming and yelling. Finally letting go and giving in to them. He knew his dad would find him, dad would smell his track and follow it till he had him back. Dad so would, he would. He tried to remember his dad's voice telling him how he'd found him the first time, knowing he was special and taking him in once the big fight was over.

Dad had tracked him then too. That’s what dads did, he’d been told a hundred times over, keeping little boys safe, keeping them from harm. Like dad had done when he’d gotten him away from bad cultists when he’d been little. Dad hadn’t planned on keeping him then, Wes was still happy that he had. He finally sat down, looking out for a way to run, praying they wouldn’t open the back pack and see the blood bags in it.
It didn’t help.

The woman stared at him once she saw them, at the small cross around his neck, the one his dad never touched.
“What’s your name.”
Wes kept his lips sealed.
”We’re not going to hurt you.”
Suuuure and dad picked up all those cats cause he was an animal lover.... well admittedly, he was, that still didn’t mean they’d survive for long once he had them.

The man offered him a bar of chocolate, Wesley hadn’t had any since uncle Charlie had taken that trip to the mall to get some for his birthday. His uncle had nearly died on that one. He hadn’t dared ask for another since.
The world was empty around them. Those people that had managed to survive the plague concentrated on their own, their own little bits of life, protecting it against all comers.

Dad said he could respect that.

Wes fidgetted in place, the man’s eyes were on him and it was clear they woudln’t let him leave. It didn’t stop him from looking around for ways out of this. Dad told him that giving up was stupid, even when a situation was hopeless, didn’t mean you had to give up, now did it. Wes finally bit into the bar, he was hungry, hadn’t eaten since earlier that morning. First a small chunk, then more, it was nice and crunchy.
”So who was the blood for?”

Screw you, he wanted to say, but that’s not what came out of his mouth.
”My dad. He hasn’t eaten in days.”
He started crying, he shouldn’t. He was too big to cry, but they’d made him betray his dad. Just the thought of it hurt plenty...

“Oh God.” The man stared at him in a wave of pity. The youngest woman tried to pat his back, to comfort him, he shrinked back; She was evil, making him eat that bar, selling his dad for a bit of sweets.

“Where is he?” Such a harshness behind the blond woman’s eyes.
He wanted to resist, he really did, but the words flew out of his mouth no matter how hard he fought them not to.
“A block away.”
Sleeping, while uncle Charlie stood guard and now in danger cause he’d been stupid enough to take candy from strangers..

The blonde got up, the others followed. Wes had no choice, he was told to come with them, show them his father’s lair. There were cars all over the roads, Wes tried not to look in them, most of the corpses were gone already, eaten by scavengers, animals, demons and otherwise. He didn’t want to be wrong and find one still in there.

Wes tried to run, but the brunette held him back, asking him direct questions he seemed unable to ignore. When they came to the building, Wes stepped as hard as he could on the alarm, it wouldn’t be heard here, but dad would hear it downstairs. Dad would get them out of this.

“Buffy be careful.”
Buffy slowly entered the building, she didn’t have a...
Suddenly dad was there, holding a crossbow, uncle Charlie was next to him, a shotgun in his arms. Wes shook loose from the darkhaired man’s arms and ran to his dad.

He didn’t get far.
Come on, had to get to dad, had to, had to...
A gasp for air left the woman’s lips...

Her grip on him let go. Dad just stood there, his dark black hair almost hiding him in the darkness.

They just walked towards one another, slowly, as if in slow motion. She held her hand to his face, he let her, just standing there.
“You’re alive...”

Wes stood there watching them. It was strangely gross.


For the record, Spike's son Wes is the baby that Spike saved in Not Fade Away, I liked that kid. :-)


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