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Just some of my disorganized thoughts after watching the finale a time or three four....

Yes guys a miracle has happened, a honest to God miracle. those of you know know me, know I don't like Angel. I haven't been able to get myself to love him in years...
BUT... wonder of wonders... I love him again... For more see behind the cut...

Personally I loved the finale, it was a million times better than
Chosen, and unlike Chosen, it left me wanting to see more of these
chars. It even made me love Angel. (now that's an achievement).I just
loved the scene between him and Connor. I loved that questions were
asked, that the plan made some sort of sense, that Spike got to save
the baby and read his poems and got applauded for it. I loved Spike
getting angry over Drogyn's dead and Angel's part in it.

I love that scene with the baby (now that kid was cute) and the Fell tell him to put the holy vessel back in the bassinet. He just looks at the baby and for some reason it seemed like the baby nodded no... Might be just me being crazy, but that baby seemed to prefer staying with Spike

I loved Illyria mourning Wes, and the gangs reaction to hearing about
his death. It showed these people cared that Wes died.
I cried when Wes died, I cried when Lindsey died, I cried for all of
them. I loved Gunn and Anne's talk, I loved...

This was the kind of finale that leaves you wanting to see more of
these characters, something that to me, Chosen wasn't.
These are good people, flawed, damaged, but good people, decent people
who deserve better, who deserve happiness, who don't get it and still
go on fighting.

In other words, fantastically great finale.
Going to watch it again.

I still prefer Spike though ;-)

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