I'm so fucking tired of a certain troll on tumblr. 

It's not even that they say anything all that special, since it's mostly the same easily disproven crap over and over and over again. 

It's their complete and utter lack of common sense that is most annoying about it.

Like claiming I'm obsessed with hating stiles or my love for Scott and  Tyler Posey, all the while as they send me  (and from what I know of several other people as well) three a four asks a day harassing us for daring to not like stiles, or worse harassing people just cause they dare to love Scott.  (like one friend of mine who's a big sceo fan, constantly gets insults from this same anon troll even when they've never said a negative thing about Stiles and are one of the most positive people imaginable (and yes the way these asks are written, it's pretty clear it's the same person). And yet somehow this troll doesn't seem to realize that they're even more obsessed with Tyler than I am. And I'm actually a fan of the guy.

It's just plain weird.

It's not that I don't get not liking a character. I'll write the occasional anti stiles post, and I get defending a character. I'll respond to posts that bash Scott on his own tag. (it's simple tumblr etiquette, you don't bash a char in his own tags, it's like coming to a livejournal group in favor of a character and making posts about how much you hate said char)

But to actually go harass people in their asks, and not even add your name to said asks... it's just ridiculous., and cowardish as fuck. 


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