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Thinking of crossovers between Teen Wolf and Supernatural, and how the Winchesters would interact with the McCall pack.


The first thing I feel is how Scott and Stiles basically among them share Sam and Dean’s traits.

Scott has Dean’s nurturing instincts. And tendency to blame himself for everything that goes wrong, whether it’s his fault or not. (Especially when it’s not.) Sam’s caution, and Sam’s tendency to see the best in people. He also shares Dean’s tendency to be a martyr and to want to save not just the people he cares about, but everyone.

Stiles has Dean’s bravery (along with the recklessness) and Dean’s tendency to jump into things without thinking. He also shares Dean’s sense of humor and tendency to use that humor as a defense mechanism. Stiles shares Dean’s utter possessiveness over people and the desire to save his loved ones. He’ll do anything to keep those people he cares about safe.

Which has me thinking that if the Winchesters met Scott and Stiles, Dean would actually get annoyed as hell with Stiles, because they have the same tendency to go for sarcasm, and Dean hates to have that sarcasm aimed back at him.  He’d eventually realize that though and end up amused by it.

But with Scott, he’d get protective. He wouldn’t realize why at first. Until he saw how Scott mirrors the things he loves in Sam. And he’d feel sorry for all the things Scott has gone through. Being turned against his will, people trying to use and manipulate him.

(that protectiveness would soon spread to Stiles as well, but mostly when he starts realizing how protective Stiles is over Scott)

If they met Derek though...oh God,that would entirely depend on the situation.

See, where Scott’s first approach to threats is to talk things out, and to try and get a peaceful solution whenever possible, which would make the Winchesters at least hesitate before pulling out their guns, or keep them from shooting if they had their guns already out... Derek on the other hand... Well when he feels threatened, he tends to threaten back. He gets aggressive, violent.

It’s understandable of course. Derek just wants to defend himself, his pack. But when dealing with people like the Winchesters, it’s the exact wrong approach. because when ‘they’ see someone as a threat, well... they tend to take it out.

So it really depends on, do they have a reason to hold back and not kill him, aka, have they seen he’s not a threat, do they realize he’s just trying to protect people, his pack, aka a bunch of kids that he wants to keep safe. If they know that, they’ll hold back and not harm him. Probably even make friends with him (I could actually see him and Dean flirting, once they’re both on the same side

But if they just met him, just saw him as this dangerous threatening werewolf, they’d kill him.

The Winchesters don’t kill every monster they come across. They will give monsters a chance, if they realize they aren’t a threat to innocent people, or if they have someone vouching for them.  But without that, well...

Lydia, Dean might flirt with her (if she was out of highschool when they met), and both him and Sam would be impressed by her intelligence. And feel sympathy for her, for what her banshee abilities actually do to her. And then Dean’d be even more impressed once he realized just how lethal she can be, if she wants to be.

Malia, Dean’d find amusing. But he’d be weary at her blue eyes if he knew what they meant. If he found out her story, he’d feel sorry for her. Same case as with Derek though. It all depends on how they met. The Winchesters have no hesitation in killing a female shifter if they felt she was a threat.  So it all depends on, do they get to find out she’s not a threat to innocent people before the guns come out or not.

Liam, Corey, they’d see as kids, and Dean gets protective over children.

And Mason falls under the same nomer as Stiles in that they’re human. Maybe seen as crazy for hanging out with a bunch of werewolves, but the Winchesters wouldn’t hurt them just for that, long as they aren’t sacrificing innocent people’s lives to their non human friends. Same goes for the sheriff and Melissa.

Theo... man. Sam and Dean know what it’s like to deal with a former enemy turned ally, turned potential friend. But would they side eye him if they knew about him.

Argent, fellow hunter, decent guy, they’d see as an ally, and him speaking up in favor of these assembled supernatural beings, would probably matter in helping the Winchesters to come to trust them.

As a whole though, I tend to think that the Winchesters would actually be likely to give the McCall pack a chance. In huge part because of their age. Dean, who is the most violent of the two Winchesters tends to get protective of kids, and whatever else the McCall pack might be, to the Winchesters, they’re still just kids.And I think that a lot of that would be due to them seeing Scott’s unwillingness to kill as a first option. It would show them that he values all lives, including those of humans. And that the rest of the pack for the most part follows Scott in this.

(especially since I doubt that Peter would stay around as soon as he heard the Winchesters were in town.)

As a small extra, if Dean met Parrish, and found out what he was...  now that’s a meeting that far too few fics deal with. But man would Dean make sure to keep grave dirt and/or mountain ash on him at all times if that were the case.

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