I got to meet Tyler Posey yesterday, and it was awesome.

He came to Dutch Comic Con as a replacement for some guy from OUAT who had to cancel, and there was like five days warning, so the lines for him were pretty reasonable, even with Tyler giving plenty of focus and attention to every person who wanted a picture and/or autograph with him.

He's just the sweetest, most adorable guy ever.

I also had a meet and greet with him, and well...

Being in a room with Tyler for thirty minutes, with just me, Tyler, Tyler's handler,and  one other girl... best 200€ I ever spent. Getting to talk to him about Teen Wolf, about his music, having him sing a song by his favorite band, cause the other girl was wearing a shirt of said band, having him give us a chance to listen to two new songs of his new band.

Totally awesome, and of course me being nervous, I tend to react to that by talking more, I was a bit worried, I was talking too much, but the other girl didn't seem to mind too much, since she had the opposite reaction to being nervous than I did.

Tyler is just the best hugger, and he's even hotter in real life than he is onscreen. Also totally hyperactive and unable to sit still ;-)


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