I’ve been so annoyed by most reader fics that have the reader as  Scott’s sister, that I’ve finally cracked and decided to write my own  McCall sibling!Reader fic.

This one will actually focus on the  Reader being Scott’s sibling, on the relationship between the two of  them, and how I can keep the dynamics of the show, and still have this  new character there.

Not sure if I’ll pair said reader with  anyone though, other ships are of minor importance to me, compared to  the sibling relationship, and the struggle between reader and Stiles in  that both of them see Scott as theirs, even when reader is resenting  Scott for their father leaving. (yep, going with complex instead of one  dimensional tropes)

Reader will get worried over Scott when he  starts sleepwalking in s1, be pissed at Derek for how he treats Scott,  because no one gets to be an ass to Scott but her. And when she  eventually finds out what’s going on with Scott, it won’t be brushed  aside and treated as if it doesn’t matter.

So yeah, think anyone’d  even be interested in reading it? doubt it but ah well, it’s what I  need to write after reading yet another McCall sibling reader fic that  annoyed me with how ooc it had Scott, and how little focus it put on the  sibling relationship.


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