Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Smut Swap Letter

Hey there, dear smut swap writer

I figured I'd give a bit more info.

My three fandoms are Teen Wolf, Supernatural and Superantural RPF

My fave characters in those fandoms are Scott Mccall, Dean Winchester and Jensen Ackles. And as I'm very character centric, I tend to ship all those three characters with just about anyone.

(so if you want to take the prompt for one pairing and adapt it for another of my pairings, then I'd be perfectly fine with that. Long as you don't turn either of those three into the bad guy, and keep them as the emotional center of the story.

For Teen Wolf, I see Scott as a switch, who will sub or dom depending on what his partner needs him to be.
I love werewolves as pets stories, and Allison as a dom.  I'm a fan of slave fics in general,
I love scisaac , scallisaac, and sciles, but in all three I would love a focus on Scott's traumas and how he overcomes it.

And my biggest dislikes are character bashing in general, and kink wise, watersports, scat and necrophilia.

For Superantural, and spn rpf, I have a love for abo fics and anything involving consent issues, and the problems that come with that both in an abo society, or in situations where Dean is not in control. I prefer it if Jensen or Dean are not written as if they're weak.

A character can be vulnerable, while still being strong, and I like the contrast between the two for any of my faves.


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