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First Lines Meme

Rules: list the first lines of your last ten published stories. 👀 if there are any patterns yourself, and see if anyone else notices any! tag up to ten friends!

I got tagged by @nyxelestia​ so let’s give this a try

When the Torch passes you by - Teen Wolf

Derek would have been so much better at this.

Forgive me cause I love you - Teen wolf/Criminal Minds

His feet stood frozen to the floor. Goosebumps forming on his neck as he fought the first panic attack he’d had in five years. Well, three and a half. But that last one didn’t really count. He didn’t know what he’d expected to happen for his first real assignment as a probationary agent. A lot of paper work, carrying coffee, drudge work. You know, the kind of things they always told you to expect when you’re new and pushed into an established unit.

Hiding in plain sight - Teen Wolf

The auction was taking place in a mansion larger than any Scott had seen in his life, including the Argent estate in Gévaudan. All around him was a kind of luxury that Scott couldn’t have imagined even a year ago.  Thankfully, he was supposed to play Peter’s assistant, so his discomfort at the surroundings wouldn’t attract all that much attention.

Dios te salve  - Teen wolf

She leant up to the door to the hallway, having locked herself in her bedroom. She was desperate to keep her door closed, to keep out the one person she loved most in the entire world.

A Wolf’s burden  - Teen Wolf

Scott stared up at the sky as he listened to Stiles’ heartbeat. At the sound of his friend’s voice. “Everything is going to be just fine. Chris will get here any minute. We’ll get you taken care of. Please Scott, just stay with me. Stay with me.” Scott’s eyes were still unfocused, as he lay down on the rough wooden remnants  of the broken Nemeton, his legs pulled up. It was hard to keep his eyes open, hard not to give in and let himself fade. Stiles held his hand, coming close to crushing it.

Unmanageable  - Teen Wolf

Rafael McCall had many things that kept him up at night. Cases that were never solved, the faces of victims that begged him to find their killers, the glaring eyes of his superiors whenever they thought he wasn’t living up to their expectations...

Fool me Once  - Teen wolf

Stiles sat still in the dark motel room. He knew that the room's current occupant would be here any minute. The door opened, and for a moment Stiles wondered if Theo would be smart enough to make a run for it. Or be his usual cocky self.

All too Human  - Supernatural

Dean sat on the stairs outside the main cabin of the compound, sipping his beer as he tried not to listen to the fight going on inside between his father and his brother. They’d been at it for almost half an hour by now. The only reason Dean wasn’t stomping inside was because so far he hadn’t heard any sounds of fighting. And it was too public for John to pull out his belt.

Out of the cold, into the tentacles of a stranger  - Supernatural

He woke up in the dark. The bed was soft, so soft… Dean tried to move over and find out whom he’d gone to bed with. He for some reason couldn’t remember doing so, but that wouldn’t be the first time. Not since Sammy left, and Dad went off on his own.

The Dead Man on the Bus  - In the Flesh

Kieren stood quietly at the bus stop. He’d taken the train to Lancaster, and was now waiting for the bus to Leeds. The National express didn’t come to Roarton, not anymore. People didn’t travel like they used to, best to stay where you belonged, it was easier to protect yourself that way.

Tagging anyone who wants to try it?

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