Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Spike crossover ficathon

Well seeing as how there aren't enough ficathons yet ;-)
I thought it'd be fun to have a Spike crossover ficathon. The main rule is, Spike has to be a main char, other than that you're free to choose pairing, rating, ...
There's just so few decent crossovers with Spike as a main char and I really wish there were more.

Just imagine, Spike meeting Methos from 'Highlander', or Joan Gerardi of 'Joan of Arcadia' or Krycek from the X-files or Brian Kinney from 'Queer as Folk'... the possibilities are nigh endless.

I'm not letting people decide which crossover they want, since we can't be sure that everyone watches the same shows. But you can say which show you absolutely can't stand to see Spike in a crossover with and I'll try to match people who are interested in the same shows.

Pimping of the ficathon is of course always welcome

you can sign up till the 17th of June, this should give people up to a month to sign up. Sign ups can happen by filling in the template underneath...
Please sign up...

Name:(your name)
LJ Nickname: (the name of your lj)
Favorite series:(name up to five series)
Series you absolutely don't want to see a crossover with:(up to five)
Rating:(G up to NC17)
Slash, het or gen:
Season: (preferred Buffy or Angel season you want the fic to take place in)
Requests: (up to five things you want to see in your fic)
Ficrestrictions: (up to three things you don't want to see in the fic)
Restrictions: (up to five things you won't write)
Are you willing to write a back up if asked: (yes or no)

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