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TWBB fic: A Wolf's burden 4/6 (platonic sciles, gen)

Fic: A Wolf's Burden
Characters:Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, a bunch of oc's, and some mentions of  Derek Hale, Chris Argent, and pretty much most of the tw cast
Word Count:25.527
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Warnings:Character suffering from PTSD, depression,and alienation from normal life
Summary: After the War with Monroe came to a stand still, Scott tries to go back to school and lead a normal life. Fate unfortunately doesn't make things that easy, as the secret of the supernatural is revealed worldwide
Series: part one of 'An alpha never walks alone'



The next two weeks were hell. It felt like going through the apocalypse one day at a time, while the rest of the world kept on ticking.

He sat down with parents who’d just seen their beloved children turn into something inhuman; with those who just wanted answers so they could help them, and those who were horrified. He sat with children who were afraid that their Mom or Dad had turned into a monster that could come after them at any moment.

So many of the new wolves were even more scared of themselves than they were of anything else. Almost every other day there was yet another feral, another Omega losing control and finding themselves turned into something most alien to themselves.

And when he wasn’t doing any of that, he spent more time on the phone than he’d ever had before in his life.

Organizing, cajoling, convincing, being the voice begging others to step up to the plate. Thank God that Derek had gotten him an unlimited account last year, or the overcharges would be killing him.

Most days he left early in the morning, getting a quick bite to eat at the CoHo before he left, and didn’t come home till evening. Avoiding the local press as he moved. The more he got involved, the more they wanted to talk to him, and the more he wanted to avoid them.

After the third day, most of the cops had gotten so used to seeing him at the station, that they welcomed him by name. By the fifth, they had his favorite donuts waiting for him as soon as he arrived. After the second week, well…

Finding out that one of them had just gone feral and having Scott help him through it, had pulled down the last walls that had remained between them. W. Layton, or William might just be campus police, but he was still a cop. So unsure what to do now. Wondering how he could even remain a cop after … everything. Scott had had Parrish call him. He hoped it helped.

Steve had taken his clothes to the washers for him. Scott hadn’t even realized the boy had done so, until after he left a bag of Scott’s clean clothes on his bed. It was almost three weeks after the full moon. He’d thought about going back to class that day, but he hadn’t even managed to get his feet in his shoes before his phone started ringing again.

Marie, an alpha he’d met in New Orleans, was calling him in a panic. She’d just gone from a pack of four to twenty, and felt miserable because she couldn’t handle the strain of taking in any more. Scott spent an hour telling her it was admirable enough that she’d taken in as many as she had. He knew well enough how hard it had been after his pack had taken in over half a dozen refugees after the war with Monroe. He still wasn’t sure if she quite believed him when they ended the call.

It wasn’t easy saying no to that bond, especially when the ones begging for it, didn’t even know they did so. When Laurie knocked on the door, strung out like a bean, he couldn't help but see the desperate look on her face when she came begging him for his help, the notion of refusing her had long since passed him by.

The girl just looked so alone, dressed in a shirt and pants two sizes too large. They smelled like she'd been wearing them for days. He knew she’d been back to school for the past week, but he’d been so busy helping the police that he hadn’t had a chance to check up on her yet.

“My Mom, she… she showed up last night." She seemed about ready to sink into the floor, as if she expected him to throw her out as well. "The way she looked at me. Like I was a freak.” Scott couldn’t help but think of his own mother’s eyes, when she’d first found out.

“It was a shock.” It was all he could say.

“Right, a shock, that’s why she told me not to come home and wanted me to stay here. She said people back home needed time, but…What if she hates me now?”

He wanted to offer denials, to tell her that her mother would always love her. But then he remembered how Alec’s mother had worked with the hunters to find him. How the boy’s own mother had helped the hunters take down Alec’s pack, begging them to kill the monster that bore her son’s face. As if her own little boy had long since died.

Comfort was one thing, but how could he be sure that what he was offering, wasn’t false hope?

“When I told her I was gay, she hugged me. But now… she won’t even touch me.” Like a door closing in front of her, it was too familiar a feeling.

“I can’t offer promises.” He said, not even bothering with useless platitudes. This is new to all of us.” Newer to the rest of the world than it was to him. He remembered those months in Beacon Hills during the Anuk-Ite’s rampage, when fear had reigned and people had caught a glimpse of reality.

They’d been repulsed then as well.

Laurie stood about ready to cry. He went up to her, and took her hand, giving her every chance to back out if she wanted to. But he knew enough about new wolves, to know just how desperate they could be for touch. It only made the rejection by Laurie’s mother even worse.

“But that doesn’t mean you have to give up hope.” Laurie brushed her hand over her eye, wiping away a falling tear. “If she can’t bring herself to accept you, you just have to remember you aren’t alone. You have your friends, and if you want it, you have me and…” he hesitated one last second, “my pack?”

“Pack?” She looked so little, standing there, shorter even than Liam, but at least Liam had had muscles going for him.

“You know that my eyes are a different color from yours?”


“There’s a reason for that.” Scott showed her his eyes. “Wolves with red eyes, it means that I’m not just a Beta, or an Omega like you. It means I’m an alpha”

“A what?” He wasn’t sure if she was interested, or offended at him calling her an Omega. He wondered if she’d be more or less offended if she knew what the term meant.

“There are three kinds of wolves. Alpha, Beta and Omega are the terms we use for it. Omegas are wolves without a pack, lone wolves. Betas are wolves who are part of a pack, they gain strength from the pack, they are stronger, faster, they heal better.

“And Alphas?” She hesitated on the word.

“Alphas run the pack. We are… leaders, protectors. We are the most powerful of wolves. Mentally as well as physically. Wolves thrive in packs, we are stronger in a pack, than we are alone.”

Laurie stared up at him in hope. “What, like that line from Game of thrones?”

“What line?” Scott tried to remember, Stiles had been trying to get him to watch the show, but all the violence had just turned him off of it.

“You know, when winter comes, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

“They say a line like that?” It sounded like something… like something a wolf would say.

“Yes.” He stood stunned, wondering if there were people out there, famous people, hiding what they were while living a public life, and how could you ask.

“Cool.” Maybe he should watch that series. Someday, after he let Stiles get him to watch those damn Star Wars movies he kept going on about. Scott took a sniff of his over shirt, checking if it could pass for another day. “Who knew that some TV show could get that deep?”

She rolled her eyes at him, a soft smile on her face. It was nice to see it break through. Nice to let her know that being a wolf hadn’t ended her life. She was still waiting, hesitant, but waiting.

“And I could be part of that?” She finally asked. Something slotted in place between them.

“If you want to.” He offered her his hand and a place to sit. She took it. “But you need to know what a pack is first, so you know just what you’re signing up for.” He knew he was asking, giving her a chance to back out.

She nodded, but he didn’t think she was going to wait for the explanation, she was already primed to say yes. Just like his heart already considered her Pack.

It didn’t stop him from giving her the full explanation. How being part of his pack would give Scott a certain degree of control over her. How losing a pack member would devastate her, as it had him when Allison died. How closely connected they’d be, and all the dangers that came with being one of them. The enemies they had, the struggles they'd fought.

He told her about the full moon, and how they could spend it together, instead of having to deal with it on her own.

That being a beta would make her stronger, faster, improve her healing, but it would make her more sensitive as well, more aligned to feeling along with the Pack. She didn’t care, all she cared about was getting some kind of solid ground away from the quicksand she was drowning in.

Scott could practically feel her hands reaching out to him as he offered her the pack bond. Pulling her in for a hug, letting her know she was accepted, it was like the muscles in her body just relaxed, like her scents just eased down and went from frightened to settled.

He wished he could offer the same to more than just her.

His ringtone went off, and he pulled away from her to pick it up. He didn’t recognize the number, but that was nothing new.



“This is Sergeant York from the Davis PD.” Scott wondered if the man would ever stop introducing himself like that. Two weeks and still the man’s words sounded as formal as ever, and yet his tone of voice sounded almost fond. The guy had to be in a hurry that he’d used his private phone, instead of the desk phone.

“Is something wrong?” The last call had been about a little girl that had torn her father to shreds when he came into her room, once too often in the middle of the night. The girl was in the trauma room, the father, barely clinging on to life. If he survived, he’d be charged and put to trial.

It had been one of the hardest cases, telling a twelve year old girl that the anger she felt, that righteous anger that felt like a flame and kept her going, could get others killed. No one had wanted her punished, it had clearly been self-defense. And yet she’d be the one carrying those scars for the rest of her life. Scott was still scared that she’d lose control again. Derek had offered to talk to her, Scott knew Derek would be the one most suited to help her, but he hadn't dared ask. Derek insisted.

“Sorry to bother you kid, but it seems we’re going to need your help again.”

And that meant another day of no classes. How much longer could he even keep this up? How much longer did it even matter?

“There’s something happening on the quad. The campus police said something about a guy going feral, but they weren’t too clear about what was going on. All I know is that that damn place is crowded at the best of times, and there’s no way we can get it evacuated in time.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” He put down the phone before the sergeant could say anything else.

“Laurie I need to go.”

“I can help.”

Scott wanted to tell her no. She was barely in control of herself. But he knew she wouldn’t care for that, he hadn’t when he’d been new at this. So he just nodded at her to follow, before running up to the window, opening it and jumping through it, landing on all fours.

It had taken him a while to get used to it, so he understood if Laurie would find it difficult, but running on all fours for some reason always seemed to be faster than running as a human.

At first sight it seemed uncomfortable, he was almost happy that his clothes hid the change in his joints and bone structure to match with a quadruped run. He didn’t bother to wait to see if Laurie was following, she’d have heard enough to know where he was going.

He arrived at the quad and summersaulted to get up on two legs, shifting his bones as he did so, looking around to find the one he’d come looking for.

The quad was in full panic mode. The crowd was in a chaos, and it took Scott some time to see what was going on. He was startled to find a coyote had managed to find its way into the garbage bags.

It smelled like a shifter though.

It backed off when it saw him, recognizing him as the larger predator, and seemed set to run. Scott wondered if the coyote even remembered that he used to be human. It growled at him, focusing entirely on Scott. Scott let himself shift, staring at the coyote with shiny red eyes, feeling his face shift, with that same odd shift that it had had since that first time at the police station. It kind of itched. He tried to ignore it, tried to keep himself from touching his fangs and figuring out why he felt so weird.

The coyote snarled, ready to make a break for it. Scott roared, gentle this time, letting the coyote hear him, hear the pull, the invite, the message saying ‘come back, it’s safe now’.

The coyote growled, Scott roared back, more insistent this time. Their eyes met, the coyote’s golden eyes met with Scott’s red ones, and for a moment they stood frozen, communicating without words.

People stared in shock as the coyote started shifting into someone all too familiar. A six foot tall local linebacker who was on the football team. A year ahead of Scott. The guy stared up at him in shock. Scott just took off his coat and offered it to him.

Chad had never been the brightest bulb in the room. He got into the school more based on his football skills than anything else. Chad at first didn’t seem sure what to do with it, before he quickly wrapped it around his waist, desperately trying to cover up.

Scott looked around, checking to see if anyone else needed help when Laurie came riding up to the quad on a pink bike covered in stars. Scott rolled his eyes. If she’d ran, instead of going for her bike first, she’d have arrived alongside him. But then again, she was new at this.

She raised her hand, “Scott, watch out.” He turned around and as he did, he barely avoided getting hit by a massive crossbow bolt in the chest…but it just hit his side instead.

The damn thing was almost the size of a spear.

His face scrunched in pain, shifting as his jaw extended, his mouth opening wide, releasing a howl of pain as he went to his knees. He moved his hand, his claws up to his side, wincing as he touched the wood. He could see it sticking out. He roared in pain as he grabbed the bolt, trying to get rid of it, but it was too big.

He could feel his clothes tearing, his pants bursting as he felt himself grow larger, fur growing all over his body, his subconscious unable to deal with this thing inside of him that just didn’t belong. Staring up at the trio of boys holding the crossbow. A couple of frat boys, Scott didn’t really recognize them, they were from another hall, and were in the engineering department.

The trio that was now staring at him in a mix of fear and hope. Hope the bolt would do the trick, but overruled by fear that he’d come after them next.

It hurt, hurt so much.

“Scott, Oh God, Scott, what do I do?” Laurie was running up to him, almost a fearsome sight as she’d shifted in her wolf form.

“It needs to come out.”

“But… but how. You need a paramedic, you…” Scott felt his claws grabbing onto the bolt, tearing at it. “

“Pull, just pull. “ It had gone all the way through, he snapped the front part, keeping it from getting in the way. “Just pull.” He pushed more alpha command in it than he’d intended to. He couldn’t let it stay in, it would keep the wound from healing.

Laurie stared at him in horror before she did what he told her to. It felt like a relief when the thing came out. He could feel his flesh and organs start fixing themselves, could feel his heart beat a bit easier, and he pushed himself to his knees, staring at the boys in a red haze.

A voice inside his blood told him to just shred and mash, maim and destroy. He took another step closer, lifted his hand, trying to tell them there was no reason to be scared. He could smell one of them stink up his pants.

That hadn’t been what he was after. It hadn’t been, he just wanted to… talk to them.

He felt himself shrink down, back to his normal self, staring down at his hands, no longer claws. His vision no longer red. His wound still open, the edges of the wound slowly creeping closed, blood trailing up his skin, ignoring gravity, as if called in by a body that needed it.

He could feel the flashes of cameras, people having their phone out. A camera crew standing by the side, reporters. They weren’t supposed to be here. His clothes were shredded, the edges just barely holding.

“It’s alright, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not fine. Those assholes shot you, with … whatever the hell that thing was.”

“I’ll heal.” But God, it hurt, still hurt.

Laurie being there helped, made him feel stronger, and he took another step towards the boys who were just about to try and run. His wolf told him to grab them, to tear them down, make them pay.

They reminded Scott of Nolan, boys trying to fight their fear and be heroes, but stuck in the role of the enemy.

He could hear police sirens approaching in the distance.

“Was that really necessary?” he asked, trying to smile at them, breathing in and out, soothing his wolf. He winced as the wound moved, still closing, his shirt clinging damply to his bod, wet of his blood.

“Please.” The boy’s voice sounded almost pathetic. “Please, don’t kill us.” The guy was falling over himself just trying to get away.

“It’s alright.”

But the guy wasn’t listening. Begging Scott not to kill him. As if he didn’t even seem to remember that he’d been the one to attack Scott in the first place.

Scott shook his head, staring down his shirt. It had been one of Stiles’ once up on a time. A favorite of both of theirs that they’d switched between the two of them several dozen times already. Scott had taken it almost off of Stiles’ back when he left, just to have something that smelled like his best friend.

He’d have to throw it out now.

When the cops arrived, the kids seemed to almost cry in relief.

They were less relieved when the cops arrested them instead of Scott.

“But he’s a monster!” One of the fratboys had the guts to say.

The cop, Ramirez, who’d driven Scott home at least half a dozen times in the past two weeks, just rolled his eyes. Some of the boys’ friends started trying to interfere, asking why the cops were going after the only people willing to fight back against the monsters.

“’He’, unlike these three, was here on our behalf,” Ramirez answered. “This ‘monster’ was only here because he was nice enough to offer his help, so that ‘you’ would be protected. And then those morons shot whatever the hell that thing was at him. A thing that I’m damn sure breaks every weapon law on campus. You’re lucky we’re not arresting your friends for murder, instead of attempted murder.”

“Officer,” Scott interrupted.


“You don’t have to arrest them. I get that they were just scared.”

“This isn’t about you McCall.” Ramirez shrugged. “Well, part of it is of course, since you’re the victim. But they got lucky. If they pulled crap like that – and yes, I got a full view of what they did on my phone on the way here – on anyone else, we’d be dealing with a corpse now. You’re… We’re all damn lucky even something like that can’t kill you.” Scott was surprised at how the guy almost choked up as he said that. “Damn it kid, I thought we’d sent you to your death.”

Scott lowered his head, surprised to hear Ramirez’ concern.

“You’re here on special request of the Davis Police Department, McCall. That means they attacked someone attached to our station, and we take that damn serious. If you really want, you can go to the judge and speak on their behalf, but right now, they’re going to lock up for attacking a police consultant, illegal weapons possession, and attempted murder.”

The crowd seemed almost as stunned as Scott was. Scott shivered, even in the warmth of the sun.

“Now somebody get this boy some clothes, before I have to arrest him for indecent exposure,” Ramirez said, a smirk on his face, showing how non serious he was. Scott did try to pull his clothes tighter, and one of the other cops gave him a coat. He wished the sheriff was here. Sheriff Stilinski would have been able to tell him what to do, what the right thing was.

He missed that.

Scott was just happy that Chad had still been wearing his coat when those boys attacked. It meant that at least he wouldn’t have to use Chris’ money to buy a new one.


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