Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

TWBB fic: A Wolf's burden 2/6 (platonic sciles, gen)

Fic: A Wolf's Burden
Characters:Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, a bunch of oc's, and some mentions of  Derek Hale, Chris Argent, and pretty much most of the tw cast
Word Count:25.527
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.
Warnings:Character suffering from PTSD, depression,and alienation from normal life
Summary: After the War with Monroe came to a stand still, Scott tries to go back to school and lead a normal life. Fate unfortunately doesn't make things that easy, as the secret of the supernatural is revealed worldwide
Series: part one of 'An alpha never walks alone'



“What’s going on?” he asked as he quickly checked the next five messages. Various locations, people dancing, a fading moon in the background, with someone wolfing out. A young teenager flashing golden eyes. A woman with claws…


“It’s been happening all over the world. Hundreds, even thousands of people, just… suddenly wolfing out. And from the way they’re freaking out about it...”

“It’s their first time.” Scott froze, horrified at the very idea.

“Yes.” Stiles sounded bad. He hadn’t sounded so scared since those dark days of the Nogitsune. Scott wished he could hold his hand, and tell him he’d solve it, get rid of the problem. But the problem wasn’t Stiles’. It was all of theirs.

Scott sat down. His heart racing in his chest. He forced it down, made himself breathe. This couldn’t happen. His hands, he quickly curled them in a fist before anyone could see the claws. The world froze around him, and he couldn’t stop himself from going on full alert, fully hearing all the voices around him for the first time that day. School, their friends, the videos.

“Holy shit, monsters are real!”

The words felt like a stab through the heart

“It can’t be. It has to be some kind of prank.” Please, God please, let it be a prank.

Police sirens somewhere off campus.

The stench of fear, uncertainty.

Scott tried to ignore it all as he packed up his books, put his laptop in his bag, and started his way towards his dorm. Towards escape, he had to get away. He needed to get out of sight, needed somewhere private, where he could collapse in peace. He wasn’t even sure if his dorm room would be enough.

That’s when he heard her, the voice of a girl saying over and over again: "This can’t be happening. This can’t be real.” Her words switching between English and Japanese.

He wasn’t even surprised when the screaming followed a second later. Instead he slipped his phone in his pocket, and ran up against the crowd, heading towards the cause of the screams.

A girl, she looked small and fragile, even with fangs and claws out. She smelled desperate, begging people leave her be, growling at anyone that came close as she seemed to feel cornered into the building behind her. She was so scared, lost, her golden eyes filled with terror and tears. Scott knew she was getting close to the point where her fear would lead her into a rage, making her attack out of sheer desire to survive.

Scott wanted to tell people to run before something worse happened, before she fully lost control. His wolf wanted to tear them to pieces for crowding her.  There was just no time, people were already stampeding, so desperate to get away from her that they were getting in their own way.

One guy got too close and she jumped at him. Scott did the only thing he could do, still too far away from her to physically push her back.

He roared, pushing every ounce of Alpha behind his voice.

For a moment, it was as if the world stood still. Just him, and the other wolf, facing off.

Her golden eyes met his red ones. Her wolf staring at him in defiance, daring to refuse, he wasn’t her Alpha. And then his roar continued, and her wolf back off, backed away until it was hidden, trembling in fear.

She pulled back, barely having scratched the boy.

Scott walked up to her, his eyes still glowing red, and he knew his face was fully wolfed out. His skin itched, stretched out, but he ignored it, settling down beside her, putting himself at her level on the stones.

“It’s alright, you’re all right. Everything will be fine.” She pulled in on herself, possibly as scared of him, as she was of herself. Her face once again looked human, she was so young. He forced his face to shift back to normal, his eyes still red.

And he told her the lie, the golden lie. The one everyone wanted to hear.

“It’s ok, you didn’t hurt anyone. You’re safe. Everyone is safe.” He wanted to hug her, but he knew that as a stranger he’d just scare her more if he did so. “My name’s Scott, what’s yours?” He offered her his hand, let her reach for it herself, she took it, desperate for some kind of connection. He had to fight the urge to form a pack bond, her despair calling out to the wolf inside of him. But he wouldn’t force that on her.

“Laurie.” The name came out mumbled, barely understandable. She looked like she was fifteen, he figured she was older than that.

“Hi, Laurie. I’m here to help.” He tried to ignore the crowd around them, circling them like a pack of vultures waiting for the aftermath, the terrified heartbeats of the people around him, all the scents invading his head like a hundred different messages all pointing the same direction. He tried to blank it all out, the terror ringing through in their whispers, the sound of police sirens reaching closer. It seemed that the campus cops had called in outside help.

“I almost… I wanted.”

“I know, Laurie,” he realized all too well just how close she’d gotten. “Just calm down. Breathe. Think of a phrase that means something to you. Something that reminds you of whom you are. Ignore any voice, except for mine, focus on me, smell my scent, hear my voice, my heartbeat, focus on me, just me.” Her heart was thumping in her chest, he knew he needed to calm her down.

“I can’t…. I can’t think…”

“It’s alright. There’s this phrase one of my betas liked to use when he was first learning control. ‘Three things cannot long stay hidden, the sun, the moon, the truth.’ Repeat those words. What three things cannot long stay hidden?”

“The sun, the moon, the truth.”

“That’s right. Now repeat those words, and every time you say them, imagine your heart beat calming down, breathe in, breathe out, every time you say them. Gently. What three things cannot long stay hidden?”

“The sun, the moon, the truth.”

He kept repeating the question, letting her use the words to calm down. Several times her eyes flashed golden, but he kept up the same mantra, remaining a steady anchor in the storm of emotions surrounding them.

By the time the cops got there, she was as calm as she was going to get. He noticed that people were filming them. Phones up in their hands, staring at him in horror, yet seemingly unable to make a run for it with the rest of the crowd. It was too late to stop them from spreading his face. He let his eyes go back to normal, didn’t even fight when the police officers took both him and the girl into custody.

The cops barely dared to handle him. He pulled in his claws, hadn’t even realized they were out. The cop was still staring at him, his pupils wide open, his hands shaking. Scott could smell the fear in his sweat. The poor guy was armed, his hand almost reaching for his gun, and he was terrified of a bunch of college kids.

He was right to be.

Officer W. Layton, the same officer he’d met last night, who’d seemed so in control then.

There was something off about his scent, like something waiting to be born. Scott ignored it and let the campus police officer put cuffs on his wrists. Let him know he was still the same kid the man had met the night before.

But he wasn’t, was he?


The police in their riot gear seemed confused, more than anything else. Scott stared down at them from the edge of the roof, watching as they dragged off the local hunters. Talking crazy about monsters, how the blood on their hands came from creatures not humans, that the children they’d slaughtered weren’t human. But the cops didn’t care about their words, not after they’d seen the remnants of slaughter inside.

Isaac and Malia were in an argument, Scott could listen in on them, but he ignored them for a moment, wondering what Stiles was doing on his phone instead.


“I just got a call.”

“And… Scott, however bad we thought this was. It’s worse.”

Chaos reigned at the police station, almost as bad as on campus. The place was overflowing, unused to dealing with what was being forced on them now. So many people brought in, several of them in various state of shifts.

All sorts of people.

There was a teenage boy, a child really. He couldn’t be more than fourteen, fifteen at most. The boy’s mother had come in with him, and was arguing with the cops that they couldn’t keep her son in chains, “he was just a kid”, she kept saying, but that belayed the fact that he was snarling at anyone that came close.

Next to them was a man in a disheveled business suit, who was frantically tearing at his cuffs.

A woman sat crying in a nightgown, begging God in Spanish what she’d done to deserve this. She’d been covered up in an officer’s coat, her hair a mess, make up smeared all over her face. Her husband was trying to get closer to her to help her, but the cops were holding him back. She seemed almost familiar.

The others all came from various stages and walks of life, all of them united by one common thing: not a single one of them had a clue what was happening to them.

Scott walked along with the police officer, quietly breathing in an out, letting the noise and smells filter out in his head, focusing on what was important, on controlling himself.

An argument broke out. One man, dressed like a trucker, a baseball cap on his head, was arguing that the cops had nothing to hold him on. He hadn’t done anything, this was all just crap, and they had no right to hold him. Getting angrier with every passing second.

Scott could smell that he was ready to tear apart anyone who got in this way. The cops seemed to have gotten the same message; as they pulled out their guns, far too ready to shoot, demanding the guy to get on the floor, to freeze. It was the worst possible thing to do.

The anger only set off the other wolves, rising their fear, their hopelessness, with more and more of them about to lose control.

Scott did what he’d done at school, he let out another roar, his wolf letting itself known, letting itself be heard. Telling him as well as the wolves around him that it wouldn’t be ignored, chains in his heart snapping as the sound came out even louder than the previous one, letting go of yet another barrier in his head. Feeling the locks fall off, lost forever. His face itched, his mouth felt like it didn’t belong.

He could hear glass break, and stood up, breaking the handcuffs they’d put on him, as the new werewolves bent down in submission, and stared up at him in a mix of fear and awe.

There were so many of them, at least seven around him, shivering on the floor, trying to find a place to hide, some looking as if they wished they could just sink in the floor and disappear.

They leaned against the wall. Scott grabbed Stiles’ arm, pushing him out of danger. Waiting for the other side to run out of bullets, for that short precious moment that they needed to recharge, before he ran up to them and took them out. Stiles eyes on him all the way. Seeing Isaac stand there on the other side, his blue glowing eyes signaling they were ready.

Scott went first. He managed to take out five hunters, before they even realized they were under attack, before the first gun managed to fire back.

The cops stood stunned, staring at him, at the wolves surrounding them, and for a moment he feared that they might still shoot.  He got in between them and the other wolves, knowing he couldn’t cover all of them. Looking over his back.

“Stay calm. Do what the officers say. I’m here to help.” He shook his head, desperate to keep it as human as he could manage. His clothes were pulling tight almost as if he’d grown two sizes in a matter of seconds. He relaxed and everything slowly loosened up.

People didn’t seem to be convinced. Scott couldn’t blame them. Nobody even tried to put another pair of cuffs on him. They let him stand by as the others were taken care of. The stench of fear was suffocating.  No one in the building seemed to have an idea what to do.

Scott didn’t really know either. But as the only Alpha around, he couldn’t do nothing. By the time he was done with them, all the weres were saying some kind of mantra, one of them was praying. Scott wasn’t going to stop him, anchoring always worked best when you had a personal connection to whatever you were using

By the time things had calmed down enough, and all that was left was the noise of half a dozen car alarms still going off in the background, he stared up at the police officers. Several of them had their hands on their guns, their eyes wide open, driven more by a sheer sense of terror than anything else. There was glass on the floor all around them.

He shivered. His phone went off, and he closed his eyes, with no idea how to explain this to Stiles. Eventually, he sat down in a chair, letting it all sink in, almost drowning himself in his mind so he could block out his senses and find some peace.

When he opened his eyes, there were eight guns aimed his way. He tried to smile at them, put them at ease.

His smile only made things worse.

 He was ordered onto the floor. No one came a step closer, some cocked their guns. He got up from the chair, and moved to his knees, clasping his hands behind his head. The cops just stared at him, until one finally found the courage to come closer and put a new pair of cuffs on his wrists.

He didn’t fight back.

He felt like himself again for the first time since he’d arrived in Davis.



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