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Spoilers for the spn finale - Me myself and I
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Spoilers for the spn finale
I'm almost scared to admit it in general spn fandom, but.

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I'm not all that upset with Cas' death.

It's not even that I disliked the guy or anything, it's just.... his storyline just felt dragged out, at this point there's only one thing they can do with him, and it seems obvious to me, that no matter how much we want them to, they're not willing to head there. AKA, finally have Dean admit he's in love with the guy, and then use cas as a way to explore Dean's bisexuality.  (admittedly, my concern for Cas has always been primarily how he affected the Winchesters, and I tend to lose interest when they give him a seperate storyline that does not involve Dean and/or Sam. The fact that I lose interest in Cas the more human they make him, does not help the matter either. I liked the guy cause he was inhuman, because of his differences, making him human, turning him into a woobie, removes over half of hat got me interested in the char in the first place)

I've also, always defended spn's tendency to kill off female chars, with the fact that no char on spn is safe, and that it's not just that they kill women and/or poc, except that the past few season well, they've doubled down on killing women and/or poc, and no matter what happened, two white men, who were not the two leads, were always safe as well. Their refusal to permanently kill off Cas and Crowley. (or to keep Bobby gone), only makes their constant killing of women and/or poc look worse. So, killing them off is a bit of a correction of that.

Well that and they'll probably end up bringing Cas back anyway. Whether it helps the show or not.
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frelling_tralk From: frelling_tralk Date: May 21st, 2017 02:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
I tend to lose interest when they give him a seperate storyline that does not involve Dean and/or Sam

I totally agree with you there, I was more into the angel storylines back in season 4, but later on those subplots with Cas became pretty tedious. From what I've heard the reason for having separate Castiel storylines is to give Jensen and Jared more time off, which is why he often doesn't have many scenes with them, but rather with guest actors.

I'm pretty sure they will still bring Castiel back for that reason, Jensen and Jared clearly didn't want to carry the show between just the two of them any more now that they have families that they want to spend more time with. And plus there's his popularity with the fans, at this point he's almost become as iconic as Sam and Dean, and most of the fanbase seems to consist of Destial fans
becca009 From: becca009 Date: May 22nd, 2017 12:48 am (UTC) (Link)
Totally agree. As you say, they will probably bring Cas back but I didn't mind that they killed him and Crowley. I find their story lines to be a bit boring and feel they have taken them as far as they can go.

The constant storyline with Cas being a low-powered angel hated by all others is boring. When he first came onto the show you could just feel how powerful he was through the screen but now he gets beaten so easily and it's sad what they've done to his character.

When Crowley first came on he was King of the Crossroad's with aspirations to go higher, but eventually he has turned a bit pathetic. What's the point of a King of Hell that doesn't want to kill 2 of the most hated/feared hunters out there.

I hope next season they get back to how the show started, 2 brothers travelling across America hunting/killing evil beings. Would like to see more creatures and less angels/demons.
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