Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Just found out itsabigrock is holding a Fanged Four ficathon.
Come on people, sign up
I really want to see what comes out of that one :-)

In a case of me being annoying... I just found out who's writing my A/S ficathon fic for me. One one hand, she used to be a really good writer, on the other, I seem to disagree with almost every each one of her opinions on both AtS and BtVS.
Yep, a poor Spuffy like me got the Ultimate Duck as the writer for her ficathon fic *G* theantijoss
Ah well, trying to stay positive and wondering what she'll come up with.
And hey, it's an A/S fic so that's at least one small thing we can agree on, right?

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