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Title: Unmentionable
Summary: That which may not be mentioned
Written for mouse42

Sunlight shone on them both through the necrotampered glass. Making his boy a focus of beauty that nothing dead was ever supposed to be. Then again, he'd always seen the beauty of the dead… And yet that deadness was negated by the vampire's breathing, his short limited panting as Angel came closer.

Angel leaned over Spike who was sitting, no slouching in the couch. His legs spread over the sides, leaving his crotch open for his sire's sight. Spike stayed sitting there, widely unintimidated. A glint of fire in his eyes, he wasn't laughing. But Angel knew he would be in a matter of seconds. Stupid stupid boy. Angel kept staring at the tube in his hands.  His foolish wrench of a…looking at him with a smirk on those wide ruby lips.

"Don't even mention it."

"But..."The younger vampire was opening his mouth. Angel wanted to fill it just to keep him quiet. Put something in it, he wasn't sure what yet.

"No, don't. It's an …affront. "He knew he sounded stupid, hell the words sounded stupid even to himself.

"To God?" Spike whispered. His voice so soft when he wanted it to be. Angel blinked, quickly regaining his grip. If only he could wipe off that smirk, kiss it away or beat it out off orbit. Never to bother him again.  If only he wasn't so sure he'd chase after the pest if he did…

"Worse, to me." He put as much authority in the words as he could.

"But..." Of course Spike couldn't leave it at that.

"Don't, or do I have to teach you not to?" He couldn't have chosen a worse set of words.. Angel could see his mistake the second Spike started licking his lips. A red peanut M&M on his mouth. Firey red like Spike was. That tongue moving along the candy. Slipping onto one of them, sucking it in, those lips moving as he chewed… bit into it, just like…

"Such a colour, such a gaze, such a nicety, such a..."


Spike blinked.
"Or daze." His smile grew ever more teasing

"I really want to kick your ass." Angel leaned over him, their noses almost touching. They were both breathing now. Witholding knowledge of each others state of mind from the other. Oh how they'd played this game, how they'd reaped it a thousand times or more.

"Oh come on Angel. Don't make promises you don't plan to keep." Spike sank back in the chair, his legs still spread. Angel wasn't sure if it were because Spike didn't take him seriously, or because he did.

"Colour it up nicely, beautifully so, make it shine under my hands."
Arousal came off his boy in waves, seeking him out, wanting more. Mixed with such a lovely bit of rage at his position.
"No reason to get …angry."

Tease him, play him, it's what he's doing, isn't it.

"I'll say it you know."
Ah but he wouldn’t, cause then the game would be played. Done and over with, for the both of them. And Angel wasn't sure if that wasn't exactly what he wanted from the brat. End the foreplay, get it done with and have him down on his knees before the night was over.

"Say what?" he asked the boy, so innocently, as if they didn't both know what they were going on about.

"The colour you don't want to mention." Damn fool. Damn lickable fool with that bulge growing larger under his pants, smelling so enticing like a mixture of tobacco and scotch blending to pure Spike.

"You wouldn't dare." Glowering now.

"Would so. Don't even think I wouldn't. I'm going to say it, hold it to my heart and sing it to the world." Angel grabbed his shoulders, the boy's legs spread around his. "In one of the worst poems the world has ever seen." Spike stated. It wasn't an idle threat for either of them.

"Just try it." And let me grab that tongue in punishment. Let me, you know you want to.

"I will." Spike hissed.

"No you won't. Not with me here, now would you Spike. Would you dare to stand there and say it, knowing what an insult it'd be to me, Willy boy."
Arousal shifted to rage, rage to arousal, heating him up like a cat in a rut… His hand moved to Spike's hair, grabbing the blond locks in a hold, forcing him deeper into the chair.

"Ah but it's the colour of the Irish, you'd think a mick like you would love it." Angel spat in his face. Spike just licked it up, grabbing another piece of candy now that his arms were free again.

"Is not."

"Is too."

Angel grabbed the candy out of his hands.
"It's like this boy. There's certain things in life that just don't belong. You as a champion, me as your bottom and that colour I won't mention as peanut M&M's."
Spike kissed him then. Angel fell over him, both of their weights too much for the chair, forcing it to fall over. Spike wriggled under him. Angel twisted closer, rubbing into him.
"So just don't say it."

"Say what?"

"Say anything…."

Spike closed his eyes, smiling as Angel leaned over him. Angel licked his neck. Sweet and sour at the same time, such a beautiful long neck as he sank his blunt human teeth into the flesh, tasting the skin.
The boy whimpered, moaning and writhing as even the last bit of distance between them disappeared. Angel's ear so close to his mouth. A slip of hair sinking in between Spike's lips. "Blue."

The tube of hairgel, replaced with hair colouring lay forgotten on the ground beside them. The colour slipping out of it wasn't quite ...



I'm sorry Dangermouse, but well, ... it's like saying don't look down, when you're hanging over a cliff...

Two things you definitely want included in your fic: Bad poetry, a discussion of how Peanut M&M's are like life.
One thing you definitely *don't* want to see in your fic: Any mention of the color green Preferred rating: R or lower

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