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Looking for help with my scisaac fic - Me myself and I
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Looking for help with my scisaac fic
Help wanted, I’m looking for a alpha reader/cheerleader to help me finish my teen wolf big bang. I’m a bit behind, though it should still be doable.

Fic’s main pairing is scisaac, intended main characters will be Scott, Isaac, Derek and Deucalion; Boyd and Erica, Allison and her dad, and of course Melisa will play a large part as well, as does most of the Teen Wolf cast. It’s basically a superhero story.

Any help in talking through the plot and helping to keep me on track would be immensely appreciated. I’ve got about two weeks before I need to get my rough draft sent in. (since I’ve been known to write 10k in less than a week that shouldn’t be a problem, if I can keep focused)
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poisontaster From: poisontaster Date: January 20th, 2016 01:31 am (UTC) (Link)
I can do it. Email is the same as my user name, at gmail.
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